Pipeline Radio Fanzine Tapes on Mixcloud

Pipeline Radio Fanzine on KYMC

Sometime around 1987 or maybe it was early ’88 I renamed the KYMC radio show that I would host over summers and holidays away from CMSU. It had been known as Ground Zero for several years dating back to the early ’80s and this OTHER radio show on KWMU called Pipeline had recently been booted off the air (see below). I had even used the name of that radio show for a short-lived punk ‘zine that my girlfriend Erica Fischer and I had done during my senior year in college.

Pipeline KWMU 12792750101_089d7d8dd9_o

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Pipeline Radio Fanzine was hosted primarily by myself and Scott “Scooby Dü” Corvey, with help from a couple other people, until I moved away to work in Professional Radio at KCHI in Chillicothe, MO, in the late summer of ’89 (thank you, Broadcast Center).

I recently unearthed some long, lost cassette recordings of my KYMC shows, including several of Pipeline RF, and have begun digitizing them and posting them on my Mixcloud account. Here’s one from sometime in ’88 or ’89. Several others are on Mixcloud, so check ’em all out for a taste of late ’80s “underground rock’n’roll.”