Episodes of my old podcasts wanted!

I’m hoping someone out there might have some copies of my old podcasts stored away on an iPod, CD-R, or old hard disc backup. I’m specifically looking for any and all episodes of Primordial Ooze, Savage Kick, and the TIRC Podcast. The websites where these episodes were posted either no longer host audio files/podcasts (Blip.tv) or even exist (Mevio.com). And unfortunately I made no backups myself (yeah, pretty stupid, I know). So if you or someone you know happens to have any of these shows archived somewhere, please get in touch with me at kopper65 (at) gmail (dot) com. I would simply like to have these podcasts to archive them here on this site along with the other podcasts and radio shows I’ve been able to save.


Noise Annoys #2


Episode #2 of NOISE ANNOYS. Enjoy.


Pussy Galore – Pretty Fuck Look
The Lost Sounds – You Must Be a Witch
The Lord High Fixers – The Things She Says
Scratch Acid – Cannibal
The Gears – High School Girls
Spider Babies – Jr. High School Cuties
Jerry Lee Lewis – High School Confidential (Live)
Loli & the Chones – High School Locker
The Runaways – School Days
The Donnas – I Don’t Wanna Go to School
Bantam Rooster – High School Girls
Mannequin Men – WTF LOL
NoMeansNo – Angel or Devil
The Wipers – Over the Edge (Request)
The Hex Dispensers – Down in the Park
MC5 – The Human Being Lawnmower
Death – Rock’n’Roll Victim
The Shays – Brainwashed
The Manikins – Crocodiles
The Fucking Eagles – Hurricane Lucy
The Parents – You’re Hideous Baby
The Spits – She Don’t Kare
The Lids – Get Lost
The Descendents – Kabuki Girl

Noise Annoys #1


The debut episode of Noise Annoys with Kopper (formerly of the Savage Kick podcast), a megaphonic blast of REAL rock’n’roll, including garage, punk, hardcore, sleaze, psych, trash, rockabilly, R&B, and other noisy morsels of REAL rock’n’roll. Show also streams on Wednesday afternoons on RealPunkRadio.com.


The Buzzcocks – Noise Annoys
Herschell Gordon Lewis – Noise
Naked Raygun – Backlash Jack
Hasil Adkins – The Hunch
The Swamp Rats – I’m Going Home
The Black Lips – Veni Vidi Vici
Germs – Lexicon Devil
I’m With Stupid – Swank-O-Pation
Crash Normal – Like a Horse
The Mortals – Turn Away
Ty Segall – Pretty Woman
The Feeling of Love – Better Than a Dog Detective
The Anals – Ditch
Adrian Lloyd – Lorna
Morty Shan & the Morticians – Movin’ In
Fireworks – She’s a Tornado
The Screamin’ Mee-Mees – Hot Sody
Atomic Suplex – I’m On
Blitzkriegbliss – Beast
The Nips – All the Time in the World
The Carbonas – 3 Days Away
The Pagans – Haven’t Got the Time

Episode #560

Photo by Bill Streeter

Photo by Bill Streeter

Playlist for August 28th, 2006

(The Final Episode)

The Cramps: Garbageman (Songs the Lord Taught Us/IRS)
Ramones: Cretin Hop (Anthology/Warner)
Ramones: We Want the Airwaves (Anthology/Warner)
The Geargrinders: The Wayback Machine (V/A: Landlocked & Loaded/TIRC)
Thee Lordly Serpents: Tomorrow’s Yesterday (Thee Lordly Serpents/Pro-Vel)
The Pretty Things: L.S.D. (Get the Picture/Snapper Music)
The Detroit Cobras: Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) (Baby/Rough Trade)
South Filthy: Hot Dog (You Can Name it Yo’ Mammy if You Wanna…/SFTRI)
Hasil Adkins: No More Hot Dogs (Chicken Walk/Dee Jay Jamboree)
Eddie Angel: Deuces Wild (Plays Link Wray/Spinout)
Circle Jerks: Golden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45) (Golden Shower Of Hits/Avenue/Rhino)
The Trashwomen: Justine (Spend The Night With…/Estrus)
The Vultures: Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me (The Vultures/Big Muddy)
The Pleasure Seekers: What a Way to Die (V/A: Friday at the Hideout/Norton)
The Renegades: Thirteen Women (V/A: Hang It Out to Dry/Satan)
Thee Midniters: Never Knew I Had It So Bad (In Thee Midnite Hour!!!!/Norton)
Impala: The Scratch (Play R&B Favorites/Estrus)
The Nevermores: Make It Happen (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: Hideous Eye (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: Andy (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: I Lost Lenore (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: Like a Pill (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: Blue Diamond (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Bomboras: The Creature From The Lava Lagoon (Savage Island/Dionysus)
Bleed: Fist (Motor Psycho/MuSick)
Fun Things: Savage (V/A: Murder Punk Vol. 2/Murder Punk Inc.)
The Revelators: Don’t Look At Me When I’m Looking At You (We Told You Not to Cross Us/Crypt)
The Cripplers: Feel I’m Gonna Explode! (2005 Tronic Sessions Demo/no label)
Long John Thomas and The Duffs: Shake Little Gwendolyn (Presenting…/Wormtone)
Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Great Balls of Fire/Back Biter)
Didjits: Jerry Lee (Fizzjob/Touch and Go)
Didjits: Long Lone Ranger (Hornet Pinata/Touch and Go)
Solomon Burke: Stupidity (The Best of/Rhino/Atlantic)
Link Wray: Rumble/The Swag (Rumble!/Rhino)
The Mummies: (You Must Fight to Live) On The Planet of the Apes (Death By Unga Bunga!!/Estrus)
The Four Slicks: Lulabelle (The Four Slicks/Slick)
The Downcasts: Rusty Hook (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Downcasts: I’m Rowed Out (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Downcasts: A Little Action (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Real Kids: My Way (Better Be Good/Norton)
Satan’s Pilgrims: Vampiro (Plymouth Rock- The Best of…/MuSick)


Episode #554

Playlist for July 17, 2006

The Barbarellatones: Invasion of the Surf Zombies (Invasion of the Surf Zombies/no label)
Los Kahunas: Mavericks (V/A: Waves of Reverb, Sea of Fuzz Vol. 1/No Fun)
Andre Williams: Hold Up (Aphrodisiac/Pravda)
The Creatures of the Golden Dawn: Fade to Black (An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge/Get Hip)
Jawbone: Get Rhythm (7″/Loose Music)
The Touch-Me-Nots: Hey, Television (7″/Reach and Squirrel)
Black Lips: Oh Katrina (Party at Rob’s House 7″/Die Slaughterhaus)
The Jesters: The Jester (V/A: Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar/Sundazed)
The Vistas: I Want A Cadillac (V/A: Cry Of Atlantis/Bacchus Archives)
Dean Carter: Sizzlin’ Hot (Call Of The Wild/Big Beat)
The Blonde Bomber: Strollie Bun (V/A: Rockin’ From Coast to Coast Vol. 3/Ace)
TubeStone: Bandi (Aligretosurfati/no label)
Radio Birdman: I-94 (The Essential Radio Birdman [1974-1978]/Sub Pop)
The Gizmos: Cry Real Tears (Rock & Roll Don’t Come From New York/Gulcher)
Bill Robinson and The Quails: The Cow (V/A: Whip It On ‘Em/Candy)
Country Teasers: Getaway (Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire/In the Red)
Sons of Hercules: Borrowed Time (Hits for the Misses/Unclean)
Oblivians: Love Killed My Brain (Blow Their Cool 7″/Estrus)
The Goldstars: Purple Girlfriend (Purple Girlfriend/Pravda)
Terry Knight and The Pack: How Much More (V/A: Michigan Mayhem! Vol. 1/More Fun)
Things To Come: I’m Not Talkin’ (V/A: If You’re Ready! The Best of Dunwich Records Vol. 2/Sundazed)
Mickey and The Clean Cuts: Soapy (V/A: Hodad Hootenanny/Crypt)
The Riptides: I’m in Love (V/A: Hang It Out to Dry/Satan)
The Move: I Can Hear the Grass Grow (V/A: Nuggets II box/Rhino)
Manganzoides: Tsunami! (Sobredosis de Horror/No Fun)
The Obvious: Surf’s Up Gang! (CD-R/no label)
The Cynics: On the Run (Blue Train Sessions/Get Hip)
The Original Sins: Get Off (Out There/Psonik)
The Phantom Surfers: Bikini Drag (Play The Music From The Big Screen Productions/Estrus)
Angry Samoans: Steaknife (The Unboxed Set/Triple X)
The Crown Royals: Six Pack (All Night Burner/Estrus)
The Come n’ Go: Baby What’s Wrong (Rhythm N’ Blood/Voodoo Rhythm)
Camaro Rouge: Red Hot (Got a Crane in My Head/Demolition Derby)
The Fe Fi Fo Fums: Shake All Night (Shake All Night!/Boom Boom)
Angry Samoans: Time Has Come Today (Unboxed Set/Triple X)
Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays: Back to Detroit (Back to Detroit/DRR)
Teengenerate: Shake A Tail Feather (Savage/SFTRI)
The Krunchies: I Know (In De Winkel/Criminal IQ)
LiveFastDie: Fat Guy (Bandana Thrash Record/Dead Beat)
The Four Slicks: You Lied to Me Honey (The Four Slicks/Slick Records)
The Konks: Outta My Mind (The Konks/Bomp)
The Madd: I’m Gone (Are Left Behind 7″/Stardumb)
Nathaniel Mayer: I Found Out (I Found Out 7″/Stardumb)
The Cripplers: Death of The Cripplers (Demo CD/no label)
Blank Its: Hit Me (Happy Accidents/Empty)
Jeffrey Novak One Man Band: Nothing to Do (Southern Trash/P. Trash)

Only about an hour and 20 minutes of this show was recorded (one segment). Download it HERE or click to play below:

Episode #534

Playlist for February 27, 2006

The Honkeys: The Wayback Machine (Tequila Mockingbird/Golly Gee)
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones: Mr. Eliminator (King of the Surf Guitar: The Best of…/Rhino)
Jimmy McCracklin: The Walk (V/A: Land of 1000 Dances/Ace)
Baby Sticks and The King-Tones: Pigmy (V/A: Wolf Call!/Norton)
Johnny Kidd and The Pirates: Linda Lu (The Johnny Kidd Memorial Album/Your Cheating Heart/BGO)
The Underdogs: Don’t Pretend (V/A: Friday at the Hideout/Norton)
The New Dimensions: Souling USA (The Best of…/Sundazed)
The Fleshtones: I Am What I Am (Beachhead/Yep Roc)
The Mainliners: Daughter of Dimes (Bring on the Sweetlife/Get Hip)
The Stooges: Search and Destroy (Raw Power/CBS)
The Scientists: Shake (Together Tonight) (V/A: Murder Punk Vol. 1/Murder Punk Inc.)
The Inmates: Mr. Unreliable (V/A: Children of Nuggets box/Rhino)
Impala: Makin’ It (R&B Favorites/Estrus)
The Defectors: The Final Thrill (The Final Thrill EP/Bad Afro)
The Maharajas: Ethanol Rocket II (A Third Opinion/Low Impact)
The 5 Torquays: There She Walks (V/A: Mas Rock and Roll – 26 Rare 60’s Teen-Punk Artyfacts/Electro Harmonix)
Dean Carter: Jailhouse Rock (Call of the Wild!/Big Beat)
Mind Controls: Take a Message (Mind Controls/Dirtnap)
The Returnables: What Would Mother Say? (The Returnables/Dirtnap)
The Deadly Snakes: Sue (V/A: A Harem of Hits/Sultan)
Nikki Corvette: Love Me (7″/Rapid Pulse)
Baseball Furies: First Mistake (Let it Be/Big Neck)
Seks Bomba: Do You Know the Way to San Jose? (Operation B.O.M.B.A./YaYa)
The Guilty Hearts: Him or Me (The Guilty Hearts/Voodoo Rhythm)
Cheater Slicks: Please Explain It (Yer Last Record/In the Red)
Roky Erickson: Nothing in Return (I Have Always Been Here Before/Shout)
The 13th Floor Elevators: Levitation (Absolutely the Best of…/Fuel 2000)
Baby Woodrose: I Don’t Ever Want to Come Down (Dropout!/Bad Afro)
The Space Cossacks: The Space Victory Theme (Never Mind the Bolsheviks – The Best of…/MuSick)
Teengenerate: Dressed in Black (7″/Teenage Kicks)
Teengenerate: My GTO (Savage/Sympathy for the Record Industry)
The Great Scots: Ball and Chain (V/A: Wyld Canada Vol. 1/no label)
The Swamp Rats: Louie Louie (Disco Still Sucks!/Get Hip)
Joe Maphis: Water Babie Boogie (V/A: Dancehall Stringbusters! 2/Sundazed)
Freddie and The Hitch-Hikers: Sinners (V/A: Sin Alley Pt. 1/Crypt)
The Trashmen: Stick Shift (Bird Call! box/Sundazed)
White Flag: Face Down (T Is for Twenty/Soundflat)
Black Lips: Can’t Dance (Let it Bloom/In the Red)
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!: Rey de Tablistas (Cantan en Espano/Voodoo Rhythm)
The Defiant Ones: Bajjad (Super Secret Disaster/no label)
Prambath: Play Loud! Play Loud! (V/A: Secret Recipe From the Far East/Nice & Neat)
The Plastiques: By Your Side (101/P.Trash)
Thee Headcoats: No Such Animal (Beach Bums Must Die/Crypt)
The Phantom Surfers: Tokio Twist (Go! The Phantom Surfers Race Against the Tormentos/Scatter/Lost Tiki)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

Episode #515

Playlist for October 17, 2005

The Bomboras: A Fistful of Terror (V/A: Halloween Hootenanny/Zombie A Go-Go)
The Esquires: Flashin’ Red (Flashin’ Red/Bacchus Archives)
Hollywood Flames: Frankenstein’s Den (V/A: Madness Invasion/Eva)
Carl Bonafede: Werewolf (V/A: Monster Bop/Buffalo Bop)
The Dirtbombs: Headlights On (If You Don’t Already Have a Look/In The Red)
The Things: Demon Stomp (Demo CDR/no label)
Bob Taylor and The Counts: Taylor’s Rock (V/A: Madness Invasion/Eva)
The Deep Six: Last Time Around (V/A: Just for Kicks Vol. 1/Misty Lane)
The Knightsmen: Daddy Was a Rolling Stone (V/A: The Ikon Records Story/Frantic)
Boss Martians: Kill My Telephone (The Set-Up/MuSick)
The Dynotones: Dynotone Stomp (V/A: Mad Fabricators Society Vol. 1/Mad Society Music)
Monsters From the Surf: Chick Habit (Monsters From the Surf/no label)
The Tornados: 7-0-7 (V/A: Elemental Instrumentals!!/Ace)
Kavaliers: Get Your Feet Off of Me (V/A: Party Party Party/Arf! Arf!)
The Namelosers: Do-Ao (V/A: Searchin’ for Shakes/Amigo Musik)
The Nips: Take Me Down (V/A: Power for Passion/Bacchus Archives)
The Tell-Tale Hearts: Bye Bye Baby (High Tide [Big Noses & Pizza Faces]/Voxx)
The Vipers: Surprise, Surprise (Outta the Nest!/Cavestomp)
The Ghouls: Voo Doo Juice (V/A: Toes on the Nose/Ace)
Lords of Gravity: Forbidden Fruit (Contact/Off the Hip)
The Golden Boys: Friday Nite (Scorpion Stomp #2/Hook or Crook)
The Penetrators: Teenage Lifestyle (Basement Anthology 1976-84/Swami)
The Gizmos: Progressive Rock (Real Rock & Roll Don’t Come From New York/Gulcher)
The Time Flys: Jailbait (Fly/Birdman)
The Bambi Molesters: Wanganui (Dumb Loud Hollow Twang DeLuxe/Dancing Bear)
Supercharger: You Put the Hex on Me (Supercharger/Radio X/Estrus)
Man or Astro-Man?: Bombora (Destroy All Astro-Men!!/Estrus)
Sons of Hercules: Lost in Space (Sons of Hercules/Unclean)
The Vultures: Shock Therapy Blues (The Vultures/Big Muddy)
The Guilty Hearts: Too Far Down (The Guilty Hearts/Voodoo Rhythm)
The Flakes: C’mon and Swim (Back to School/DRR)
The Coffin Daggers: Rumble (The Coffin Daggers/Urko)
The Unrelated Segments: Where You Gonna Go? (V/A: Uptight Tonight: The Ultimate 1960s Garage Punk Primer/Big Beat)
Soul Inc.: You Better Get a Move On (V/A: Get a Move On!!!/Teenage Shutdown)
Rodriguez: Trip Fontaine (7″/Varmint)
Persuaders: Heart of Chrome (Persuaders/Savage)
The Zodiac Killers: Psycho Twist (Radiation Beach/Rip Off)
The Space Agency: Catch the Spy (Kaleidoscopic Sounds/Tremolo)
Cool Jerks: Never Without You (This Is It/Soundflat)
The Accidents: Oboy (Dead Guys 7″/Bootleg Booze)
The Heartattacks: Let’s Go Rock’n’Roll (Here Comes the Heartattacks/P.Trash)
Gore Gore Girls: Casino (7×4 EP/no label)
Mouse and The Traps: Lie, Beg, Borrow and Steal (V/A: Ace 30th Birthday Celebration – Garage, Beat & Punk Rock/Ace)
Rat Holic: Surf Party (Wipe Out With…/Double Crown)
Dee Rangers: You Gotta Understand (Five Spanish Minutes/Screaming Apple)
The Fleshtones: Pretty Pretty Pretty (Beachhead/Yep Roc)
The Gentleman Callers: Hey Little Girl (Don’t Say What it Is/Wee Rock)
Flash and The Memphis Casuals: Uptight Tonight (V/A: Uptight Tonight: The Ultimate 1960s Garage Punk Primer/Big Beat)
Demon’s Claws: Demon’s Claws (7″/P.Trash)
Atomic Mosquitos: Pope of Chile Town (Release the Mosquitos!/Nukular)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

Episode #507

Playlist for August 22, 2005

Les Breastfeeders: Miserats (Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe/Blow The Fuse)
Cheech & Chong w/Alice Bowie: Earache My Eye (Cheech & Chong’s Wedding
Chuck Berry: School Day (The Chess Box/MCA)
The Frat Kings: B.M.O.C. (V/A: Time Machine/Stomp)
Dave Myers and The Surftones: Aquavelva (Moment of Truth – The Best
The Dialtones: Teacher’s Pet (Four Last Blasts! 7″/Rapid Pulse)
The Rondelles: Mission: Irresistible (Fiction Romance Fast Machines/Smells Like)
The Okmoniks: Sorority Club Song (Rustle Up Some Action With… 7″/In-Fi)
Fortune & Maltese and The Phabulous Pallbearers: Cuttin’ Class
(Konquer Kampus/Hillsdale)
The Powerknobs: Sorority Shakedown (Turn On/Wildebeest)
The Phantom Surfers: Istanbul (Go! The Phantom Surfers Race Against
The Tormentos/Scatter/Lost Tiki)
The A-Bones: Hey High School Baby (Crash the Party/Norton)
Jerry Lee Lewis: High School Confidential (Live at the Star-Club
Hamburg/Bear Family)
Hasil Adkins: Carry Your Books From School (Drinkin’ My Life Away/Shake It)
The Gentleman Callers: Square Peg (Don’t Say What it Is/Wee Rock)
The Donnas: I Don’t Want to Go to School (The Donnas/Super*Teem/Lookout!)
Sons of Hercules: Used to Be Cool (Hits for the Misses/Unclean)
The Truants: The Truant (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV/Sundazed)
The Flamin’ Groovies: Teenage Head (Groovies’ Greatest Grooves/Sire)
MC5: High School (Back in the USA/Sundazed)
The Reigning Sound: Time Bomb High School (Time Bomb High School/In The Red)
Terry Dunavan: Rockin’ at School (V/A: Desperate Rock’n’Roll Vol. 1/Flame)
The Hesitations: Surfin’ School (The Del-Tino’s Meet The Hesitations/Norton)
The Penetrators: Night of the Drunken Cheerleaders (Kings of the
High-Speed Weekend/S3)
Guitar Wolf: After School Thunder (UFO Romantics/Narnack)
The Spider Babies: Jr. High School Cuties (Adventures in Sex and Violence/G.I.)
The Runaways: School Days (The Best of…/Mercury)
Shangri-Las: Leader of the Pack (Myrmidons of Melodrama/RPM)
The’s: Highschool Witch (The’s/Time Bomb)
The Crusaders: One-Eyed Bikini Monster (Fat, Drunk, and Stupid/Dionysus)
The Hentchmen: School’s a Drag (Campus Party/Norton)
The Yardbirds: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (The Ultimate Yardbirds/Rhino)
The Briefs: New Case (Hit After Hit/Dirtnap)
B-Movie Rats: Home From School (Killer Woman/Dead Beat)
Dr. T and The Undertakers: Undertaker’s Theme (V/A: Party Party Party/Arf! Arf!)
The Devil Dogs: Be True to Your School (30 Sizzling Slabs/Crypt)
New Bomb Turks: Summer Romance (Pissing Out the Poison/Crypt)
The Safes: Mind Meltdown (The Safes/Pro-Vel)
Bantam Rooster: High School Girls (Fuck All Y’All/SFTRI)
The Deadly Snakes: Big Bird (I Can’t Sleep at Night 2×7″/In The Red)
The Dead Boys: I Need Lunch (Young Loud and Snotty/Sire)
Rat Holic: Silver Bullet (Wipe Out With…/Double Crown)
The Deadly Weapons: What a Way to Die (Get Right in There/Jonny Cat)
Reggie Perkins: High School Caesar (V/A: Teen-Age Riot!/Atomic Passion)
The Registrators: School’s Lust (Sixteen Wires From the New Provocate/Rip Off)
Loli and The Chones: High School Locker (P.S. We Hate You/Rip Off)
The Pop Rivets: Skip Off School (Fun in the U.K./Get Hip)

Episode #506

Playlist for August 15, 2005

The Boss Martians: Hot Foot (13 Evil Tales/Dionysus)
The Lively Ones: Misirlou (V/A: Surf Monsters/Del-Fi)
Esquerita: Oh Baby (Vintage Voola/Norton)
The Reigning Sound: Stormy Weather (Live at Maxwells/Telstar)
The Loons: Sweet Turns to Sour (Paraphernalia/UT)
The Blue Van: Word From the Bird (The Art of Rolling/TVT)
The Delmonas: Black Elk Speaks (The Delmonas/Hangman)
The Misunderstood: Thunder ‘n Lightning (The Lost Acetates 1965-1966/UT)
The Girls: My Love (V/A: Girls With Guitars/Ace)
The Monsters: Hi Heels and Mini Skirt (Hide and Seek/Off The Hip)
Cooterfinger: It’s Rock’n’Roll (Smells Like Rock’n’Roll/Illbilly)
Zorba and The Greeks: Shockwave (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV/Sundazed)
Pete Best: The Way I Feel (V/A: English Freakbeat Vol. 5/AIP)
Peter and The Wolves: Only Everything (V/A: Things Been Bad/Teenage Shutdown)
The Real Kids: Solid Gold (Thru and Thru) (The Real Kids/Norton)
The Chesterfield Kings: Are You Gonna Be There? (V/A: Be a Caveman/Voxx)
The Chesterfield Kings: Stop (Stop!/Mirror)
Link Wray and The Wraymen: Right Turn (Slinky! The Epic Sessions ’58-’61/Sundazed)
The Turpentine Brothers: Why Can’t I Do (We Don’t Care About Your Good Times/Alive)
Th’ Losin Streaks: Beg, Steal or Borrow (7″/DRR)
Pointdexter Brothers: (Git Your) Backfield in Motion (V/A: All Night Soul Stomp!/Stomp)
The Customs: Bring My Cadillac Back (Long Gone/Shake It)
The Screamin’ Mee-Mees: Hot Sody (Live From the Basement 1975-1997/Gulcher)
The Swingin’ Neckbreakers: Pool Hoppin’ (Kick Your Ass/Telstar)
Daikaiju: Incognito (Daikaiju/Reptile)
The Crusaders: Got to Gett Awaye (Middle-Age Rampage!!/Dionysus)
The Trashwomen: Cum on Baby (Spend the Night With…/Estrus)
The King Khan & BBQ Show: Hold Me Tight (The King Khan & BBQ Show/Hazelwood)
The Treblemakers: The Grudge (Flippin’ the Bird/Gee-Dee)
The Wailers: Baby Don’t You Do It (Out of Our Tree/Big Beat)
The Primitives: Help Me (Maladjusted/Castle)
The Minds: Hot (Plastic Girls/Dirtnap)
Bassholes: Call Me Green (I’m a Schizophrene) (Broke Chamber Music/Secret Keeper)
Dr. Frankenstein: I Was a Teenage Astro-Monster (Crime Scenes and Murder Songs/Double Crown)
The Things: Sick Street (V/A: Get Out of My Garage, Punk!/Illbilly)
T.V. Killers: Pin Up Make Up (Have a Blitz on You/Estrus)
The Gonzos: Church Key (Beach Party!/Del-Fi)
Unrelated Segments: Story of My Life (V/A: Garage Beat ’66 Vol. 5/Sundazed)
The Nightriders: With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends (V/A: Back From the Grave Vol. 8/Crypt)
Knuckel Drager: Tomahawk (V/A: Evil Fuzz – Davie Allan Tribute/OmOm)
Kill-A-Watts: Circuit Breaker Love (Circuit Breaker Love/Rip Off)
The Tempests: Look Away (V/A: Riot City!/Satan)
Johnny Vomit and The Dry Heaves: Where’s That Band From North Carolina From? (7″/Goner)
The Bandits: Buzzy (V/A: Party Party Party/Arf! Arf!)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

Episode #505

Playlist for August 8, 2005

Hasil Adkins: Do the Scalp (The Wild Man/Norton)
M.O.T.O.: 2-4-6-8 Rock’n’Roll (Raw Power/Criminal IQ)
The Kavaliers: Get Your Feet Off of Me (V/A: Party Party Party/Arf! Arf!)
The A-Bones: Jump Into the River (Daddy Wants a Cold Beer… And Other Million Sellers/Norton)
Dwight Pullen: Sunglasses After Dark (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 1/no label)
The Cramps: Goo Goo Muck (Psychedelic Jungle/IRS)
Jerry Cole and His Spacemen: The Strut (The Way-Out Swingin’ Instrumental Sounds of…/Sundazed)
The Grapes of Wrath: I’m Gonna Make You Mine (V/A: The Midnite Sound of the Milky Way/Big Beat)
Willie the Wild One: Willie the Wild One (V/A: Back From the Grave Pt. 2/Crypt)
Baby Woodrose: I Don’t Ever Want to Come Down (Dropout!/Bad Afro)
The Mainliners: Sinkin’ Feeling (Bring on the Sweetlife/Get Hip)
Don and The Goodtimes: Tall Cool One (The Original Northwest Sound of…/BeatRocket)
The King Khan & BBQ Show: Fish Fight (The King Khan & BBQ Show/Goner)
The Spaceshits: Squarehead (Winter Dance Party/SFTRI)
The Spaceshits: Can’t Fool With Me (Misbehavin’/SFTRI)
Bassholes: Hey O.J. (Broke Chamber Music/Secret Keeper)
The Woggles: Johnny Come Lately (Ragged But Right/Telstar)
DMZ: Baby Boom (DMZ/Sire)
The Supersonicos: Fenomeno (Telekinesis/Koala)
Hipbone Slim and The Knee Tremblers: What Do You Look Like (Have Knees Will Tremble/Voodoo Rhythm)
John Schooley and His One Man Band: Tiger Man (John Schooley and His One Man Band/Voodoo Rhythm)
Chrome Cranks: Way-Out Lover (Dead Cool/Crypt)
The Shadows of Knight: I’ll Make You Sorry (Back Door Men/Sundazed)
Tarheel Slim: No. 9 Train (V/A: Rockin’ From Coast to Coast Vol. 3/Ace)
The Aquamen: Jose Cuervo (Do The Alkeehol! [And Other Hits]/Aquatone)
The Turpentine Brothers: We Don’t Care About Your Good Times (We Don’t Care About Your Good Times/Alive)
Hands of Time: The 4th Nail (I Am a Hideous Monster/Off The Hip)
Oblivians: Bald Headed Woman (Best of the Worst/SFTRI)
The Surfaris: Hiawatha (Wipe Out! The Best of…/Varese Sarabande)
The Sound Extraction: I Feel Like Crying (V/A: You Treated Me Bad/Teenage Shutdown)
The Boss Martians: The Last Ride (Move!/Dionysus)
The Birds: No Good Without You (V/A: Nuggets II box/Rhino)
The Romancers: She Took My Oldsmobile (V/A: It’s Finking Time!/Beware)
The Impacts: Wipe Out (V/A: Surf Monsters/Del-Fi)
Eddie Cochran: Somethin’ Else (The Legendary Masters Series Vol. 1/EMI)
The Checkers: Black Cat (V/A: The Northwest Battle of the Bands Vol. 2/BeatRocket)
MHz: Start at Zero (Harness the Power/Flying Bomb)
Psycho Surgeons: Wild Weekend (V/A: Murder Punk Vol. 1/Murder Punk Inc.)
The Wipers: Up Front (Wipers Box Set/Zeno)
The Candy Snatchers: Motion (The Candy Snatchers/Safe House)
The Bloody Hollies: Gasoline (If Footmen Tire You…/Alive)
The Thurston Lava Tube: Argentinasaurus (The Pink Elephant With Nipples for Tusks/Cordelia)
The Real Losers: Mongoloid (Music for Funsters/Trick Knee)
The Gimmies: New Race (Phonic Souls/Dionysus)
The Novas: The Crusher (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 2/no label)
Thee Butchers’ Orchestra: Don’t Ask Me Why (Stop Talking About Music [Let’s Celebrate That Shit!]/Voodoo Rhythm)
The Reluctant Aquanauts: High Voltage (Introducing the High Voltage Sounds of…/no label)