Episodes of my old podcasts wanted!

I’m hoping someone out there might have some copies of my old podcasts stored away on an iPod, CD-R, or old hard disc backup. I’m specifically looking for any and all episodes of Primordial Ooze, Savage Kick, and the TIRC Podcast. The websites where these episodes were posted either no longer host audio files/podcasts (Blip.tv) or even exist (Mevio.com). And unfortunately I made no backups myself (yeah, pretty stupid, I know). So if you or someone you know happens to have any of these shows archived somewhere, please get in touch with me at kopper65 (at) gmail (dot) com. I would simply like to have these podcasts to archive them here on this site along with the other podcasts and radio shows I’ve been able to save.


GaragePunk Hideout Unknowns Pt. 2

The 2nd volume of GaragePunk Hideout Comp Series leftovers. Dig it!

Featuring music by the Suspiros, the Lovesores, Party Lights, the Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama, Jesus & the Groupies, T. Tex Edwards & the Saddletramps, the Revox, the Night Jars, the Meatballs, Fire Bad!, Photoroman, the Bad Joke That Ended Well, the D-Rays, the 99ers, Northside Garage, the Bluebirds, the Deltics, the Heartbeats, Invaders From Verdelha, the Spook Lights, the Frankenstein V, and more.

GaragePunk Hideout Unknowns Pt. 1

So several years ago when I was accepting and assembling songs for the Hideout Comp Series, I got a lot of submissions. Way more, in fact, than I ended up using. Some of the songs that got cut for one reason or another were definitely still good and worthy of being heard, they just never made it onto one of the volumes in the series. Recently I dug up a good number of these tracks that had been left on the cutting room floor and decided to throw them together mixtape-style and post ’em on Mixcloud. I probably have enough of these to do several volumes (I’m guessing four), but I don’t know if I’ll get around to making that many or not. In any event, here’s the first. It’s pretty rockin’. Hope you dig it!

Savage Kick #63

Slap Your Mammy!Here’s episode #63 of Savage Kick. On this thrilling episode, another unrelenting dose of hard-hitting, lowdown and dirty rock’n’roll is offered up with a backhanded slap of reality that there really is some killer music being created all over the world, including places like Montreal and Kansas City! So grab the proverbial giggle juice and prepare to get punked by such modern bands as The Drones, Thee Oh Sees, Box Elders, CPC Gangbangs, Red Mass, the Daylight Lovers, Wrong Crowd, Thee Fleshapoids, Modie Bones, Fag Cop, Left Arm, and such classics as the Mummies, the Illusions, the Mono Men, the Devil Dogs, the Downliners Sect and lots more. Dig.DOWNLOAD MP3 | SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SHOW | SUBSCRIBE TO ALL

Le Soir

Ryan Katastrophe and I got interviewed about the GaragePunk Podcast for a Belgian newspaper called Le Soir. The link below will take you to it (don’t worry, it’s in English). I guess this would count as “press,” right? 😉

Click here to read it.

Le Soir has been around a long time, btw (founded in 1887). It is the most popular newspaper in the French speaking part of Belgium, followed by La Libre Belgique.

Enjoy, or something.