GaragePunk Hideout Unknowns Pt. 2

The 2nd volume of GaragePunk Hideout Comp Series leftovers. Dig it!

Featuring music by the Suspiros, the Lovesores, Party Lights, the Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama, Jesus & the Groupies, T. Tex Edwards & the Saddletramps, the Revox, the Night Jars, the Meatballs, Fire Bad!, Photoroman, the Bad Joke That Ended Well, the D-Rays, the 99ers, Northside Garage, the Bluebirds, the Deltics, the Heartbeats, Invaders From Verdelha, the Spook Lights, the Frankenstein V, and more.

GaragePunk Hideout Unknowns Pt. 1

So several years ago when I was accepting and assembling songs for the Hideout Comp Series, I got a lot of submissions. Way more, in fact, than I ended up using. Some of the songs that got cut for one reason or another were definitely still good and worthy of being heard, they just never made it onto one of the volumes in the series. Recently I dug up a good number of these tracks that had been left on the cutting room floor and decided to throw them together mixtape-style and post ’em on Mixcloud. I probably have enough of these to do several volumes (I’m guessing four), but I don’t know if I’ll get around to making that many or not. In any event, here’s the first. It’s pretty rockin’. Hope you dig it!

Two New Gentleman Callers Releases!

The Gentleman Callers formed in April of 1999, played two shows on July 1 and 2, 1999, then got in a fight and broke up. Three years later, they reappeared with an organ player and 2nd guitarist (same guy), played a bunch of shows, self-recorded and self-released a single, toured a little bit, recorded a full-length CD released by Wee Rock Records of Springfield, MO, then broke up before playing any out-of-town shows in support of that album. In 2005 they got a new keyboard player, played more shows around the Midwest, recorded the basic tracks for a second album, then broke up before finishing or releasing that album.

This album is the result of those sessions. A Tangled Mess (there was a different working title but this seems more appropriate in retrospect) blends Beatlesesque pop, raucous R&B, and trashy garage punk in a way that is uniquely the Gentleman Callers. Sometimes serious, sometimes stupid, always entertaining, the new album features twelve songs written by four 20-somethings in the 21st century. Yes, it is influenced by music of the past 50 years; but it is not retro, a throwback, or a “period piece.” It’s just good. Good music is not specific to a particular era or genre.

Kevin James Schneider – vocals, bass, harmonica, guitar, baritone guitar
Mike Virag – guitars
Matt Picker – drums
Seth Porter – organ, piano, electric piano, vocals, acoustic guitar

Recorded October in 2006 and 2007 at Firebrand Recording in St. Louis, Missouri. Engineered by Brian Scheffer. Cover photo by Sharon Brogan, used under Creative Commons license. Designed by Jeff Kopp and Matt Mauger.

Catalog number: TIRC-007


The Gentleman Callers’ live set recorded on The Wayback Machine radio show on KDHX-FM 88.1 in St. Louis, Missouri, on the evening of October 18, 2004.

Catalog number: TIRC-008

Monsters From the Surf!


Goddamn, I’ve been enjoying this CD way too much lately, so I’ve just gotta post about it. This College Park, Maryland band puts the “F” and “U” in FUN. Here ya have five rockin’ retrodorks mixing up surf and garage party tunes in a way that’ll transport you back to, oh, I dunno, the mid-’90s when this kinda shit was a lot more popular? Something like that. Hell, questioning the timing of this release isn’t what I’m here to do. Nope. This is just a really great self-released CD (sorry, don’t think it’s out on vinyl) and may actually end up making my Top 10 for 2005. Yeah, that’s right, I don’t always like to hype just the bands on record labels. Some of the best ones out there can’t seem to “get signed” at all (or don’t give a rat’s ass about it in the first place). Take Monsters From the Surf, for example. These middle-aged, beer-drinkin’ surf punks seem to be just happy to play stupid, fun rock’n’roll. And they’ve been doing it since, get this… 1985! (They’ve also shared the stage with such greats as Dick Dale, The Slickee Boys, SCOTS, The Swingin’ Neckbreakers, The Untamed Youth, The A-Bones, and The Car Thieves, among others.) And the best thing about all of this is you can tell from the minute you hit the play button that these guys don’t take themselves at all that seriously. No pretenses here, chumps. No overly snobby and boring “musicianship” either. They’re obviously not out to reinvent the wheel, just to see how far they can get it to roll down the hill. The band’s website is a real treat, too. Takes you back to around 1997. Pure “primitive” HTML silliness, with bad animated graphics (dancing hoola girls and bouncing heads, anyone?), outrageous colors, crappy layout, and goofy soundbytes. But what these guys lack in cutting-edge Web design skills they more than make up for in their music, which is just as archaic… BUT THAT’S WHY IT’S GREAT! The songs here range from snotty ’80s-style punk rock (“Cheap Beer,” Hunt Fish,” cover of Supercharger’s “Ice Pick”), beach party romps (“Beach Blanket Bimbo,” “Pajama Party,” “Watusi Underground,” “Bedrock Twitch,” a cover of Redd Cross’ “Annette’s Got the Hits”), cowpunk (“Spurs in Your Face”) to seriously good, reverby instro surf (“Kamehamea,” “Hangman,” “Kamikaze,” “Mr. Gassy”) and garage rock stompers (“Caveman,” “Shake,” “National Bohemian,” and great covers of The Haunted’s “1-2-5” and April March’s “Chick Habit”). Seriously, if there’s one problem this band must be faced with every time they order a keg of Natty Boh before practice, it’s what style they should focus on that particular night. They’re too damned diverse! Pick a style already!! Heh, kidding, of course. These guys can come play for a crowd of a dozen or so people here in St. Louis any day, and I’ll be right up front spraying ’em down with the PBR. Do yourselves a favor and check out their site and order a copy of the CD. You’ll be glad you did…

Monsters From the Surf – Caveman (MP3)
Monsters From the Surf – Beach Blanket Bimbo (MP3)