GaragePunk Hideout Unknowns Pt. 1

So several years ago when I was accepting and assembling songs for the Hideout Comp Series, I got a lot of submissions. Way more, in fact, than I ended up using. Some of the songs that got cut for one reason or another were definitely still good and worthy of being heard, they just never made it onto one of the volumes in the series. Recently I dug up a good number of these tracks that had been left on the cutting room floor and decided to throw them together mixtape-style and post ’em on Mixcloud. I probably have enough of these to do several volumes (I’m guessing four), but I don’t know if I’ll get around to making that many or not. In any event, here’s the first. It’s pretty rockin’. Hope you dig it!

The Reatards – Not Fucked Enough


If you like your rock’n’roll raw, noisy, and laden with tons of attitude, then you should already be well acquainted with Memphis, Tennessee’s Reatards. I like to think of them as a cross between the Oblivians and the Germs, and that comparison really shines through on this slab o’ wax, especially the third track, “I Won’t Make It.” Earlier this year Jay’s other band, The Lost Sounds, split up for good. Not good news, since I was a big fan of the Lost Sounds, whose noisy concoction of frenetic garage punk meets no-wave meets black metal was one of the freshest and most exciting new sounds to emerge from the rock’n’roll underground in the entire first four years of this decade. But never to be one to just disappear or lay down and quit, Jay is now back in business with his first love, the Reatards, as his full-time gig. Jay formed the Reatards when he was just 16, and they quickly became legends in their own time for their chaotic live shows all over the U.S. and Europe, and relentless, explosive rock’n’roll. Not Fucked Enough rediscovers more tasty vintage Reatards recordings that come as a nice complement to last year’s Bedroom Disasters LP (also on Empty Records). These particular recordings were originally slated as the Reatards’ second full-length release, but that was quickly scrapped when a new lineup was realized with Rich Crook (also of the Lost Sounds, American Death Ray, and the Knaughy Knights) joining on drums and Sean (of The Feelers) on bass. Now the “lost second record” has finally seen the light of day (after being released to a very limited pressing earlier in the year by Shattered Records). You might recognize a few of these songs in different form from Grown Up Wrong or some of Jay’s other projects but something about these recordings sounds as frantic and urgent six years later as the day they were recorded and the record indeed comprises some of the best shit this band has ever done. Supposedly they’ll have a new record out early next year, and I can’t fucking wait. From this release, please enjoy “I Won’t Make It” and “I Like Your Titty.”

The Reatards – I Won’t Make It (MP3)
The Reatards – I Like Your Titty (MP3)