Gateway Corkball Club Photos

These photos are from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch site, photographed by J.B. Forbes sometime last summer. Some of these are really nice photos and I wanted to make sure thy were linked from here. Click the link below and then “View Slideshow”:…

Caption reads:

Corkball is a St. Louis tradition that dates back to about 1900. The original balls were carved from cork stoppers used in beer barrels. The bat was a broken-off broom handle. The game has evolved a little. The ball looks like a baseball and the bat is now a bat, but both are significantly smaller.

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  1. Hi Corkball club, my name is Michael Harris and I’m a 35 year old who loves Corkball, and baseball. I’ve played in high school and independent leagues. Now I’m looking to join a league very similar to this. What could I do to join this or at least get a chance to display my skills. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    • Michael, if you’re interested in joining the Gateway Corkball Club specifically, I would email and I’m sure they’ll give you info on joining. Links to the other local corkball clubs are provided in the sidebar on the left under “Corkball Links.” Good luck!

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