Has Been Sold


Yesterday I sold to a guy named Damos from Connecticut. The sale includes the domain name, the GaragePunk Hideout (powered by Social Engine), and the GaragePunk Hideout Comp Series that were released under GRGPNK Records. The comps were included so that he could continue to use them to help pay for the hosting costs of the site. I wish him well with the site, but at the same time I am very relieved to be rid of this monkey on my back.

I originally set up back in June of 2001 as an online home for my KDHX radio show, The Wayback Machine. A short time later I set up a discussion forum there and the site quickly took on a new meaning or purpose; one that was for promoting wild and primitive garage/punk/rock’n’roll more than it was for promoting my own radio show. The GaragePunk Forums were a very successful and rather popular online forum for several years in the mid-2000s, but once MySpace entered the picture, traffic came almost to a complete hault, and I had a really difficult time bringing people to the site on a regular basis and growing the user base, even with the popularity and success of GaragePunk Pirate Radio (a.k.a. the GaragePunk Podcast Network).

Not included with the sale of the site is the GaragePunk Pirate Radio podcast network, which will continue on indefinitely at This part of running the old site I still enjoy, so I wasn’t quite ready to do away with it or part with it just yet.

The Hideout, though, had been a big thorn in my side for the past few years and I am quite glad to be rid of it once and for all. In the age of social networking, it just became impossible to compete against the Facebooks and Twitters of the Internet.

I’m looking forward to using the money I got from the sale of the site to buy myself a new computer and start another podcast sometime soon. Stay tuned.

Locking Up the GaragePunk Forums

Today I’ll be closing down the GaragePunk Forums message board to new posts. The forums have been dying a slow death over the past several months, anyway, as more and more people seem to be making their way over to the GaragePunk Hideout that was launched last summer. Obviously, many of the people still hanging out in the Forums have been pretty negative about the Hideout (for reasons I still don’t quite comprehend, but then again you can’t please everybody), so it’s really pointless to keep it open if most of what’s getting posted there isn’t of any substantial value to anyone, anyway. So those people that have been bitching and complaining about the Hideout can either join us, or find another forum to visit. I’m tired of the whiners.

Camp Freddy Radio


Billy Morrison of Camp Freddy Radio on Indie 103.1 in L.A. did a short phone interview with me during his show this past Saturday night and you can hear it here (MP3). For more of a background on Billy Morrison, check out the entry on him on Wikipedia. Those of you that caught the last episode of Savage Kick heard Billy’s comments about from his show the week before (scroll down the page a few posts to get access to that file).


The GaragePunk Hideout

The next generation of is a social network called The Hideout… kinda like’s own little Myspace, if you will. It’s got everything the site could possibly need, and what it doesn’t have we can probably add pretty easily since it’s open source. Just like Myspace, bands can join and upload MP3s and customize profiles with CSS and all that. There’s even a podcast player there and the RSS feed from the playlists delivers those there, too. There’s a forum for discussions and events listings (shows, festivals, parties, whatever), a place to upload video, groups, blogs, etc. I’m hoping most of our current forums users migrate over there (my plan is to have this completely replace the antiquated forums at some point) but I’m afraid we may lose some people due to the fact that this sort of thing is pretty new and a lot of our forum users are pretty old-school when it comes to the Web. I guess time will tell if it’ll be successful or not.There’s a link to it from the blog now, too. Please check it out.