The End of an Era (The Wayback Machine, 1995-2006)


Greetin’s Cretins,

I just wanted to let everyone know I’ve decided to retire The Wayback Machine after almost 11 years on KDHX. The main reason behind this decision is I need to free up some time for my family and personal life. When my son was born three years ago it became increasingly difficult to find the time necessary to continue producing what I would consider a great radio show while also performing my necessary duties as husband and father. In the past, I would spend many hours a week seeking out and reviewing new music, digging up old stuff, and creating my playlists for each show (not to mention posting the playlists online, emailing them out to hundreds of bands and record labels, email lists, etc.). But after my son was born and life became a lot more hectic, that time started to dwindle. Then, to make matters worse, about a year ago Bill Streeter and I decided to start a podcast at At first it wasn’t that big of a deal, but as time went on and more people jumped on board, we started posting shows more frequently, until sometime this past winter when it became a daily podcast. Once that happened, time was again at a premium as I would spend probably about an hour every day downloading, reviewing, and posting each submitted show, several more hours each week managing and promoting the network, and then even more hours every couple of weeks producing my own podcast show. As time went on I knew something would have to give, and I’d be needing to make a decision soon about what I really wanted to continue doing. The whole podcasting thing is very exciting, and I’ve become a lot more involved with it than I have been with my regular radio show as of late. Because of that, I feel The Wayback Machine has begun to suffer. The quality of the shows has decreased considerably over the past several months, mainly because I haven’t been able to dedicate the time to it that I need to produce a quality show like in years past. I found myself getting more stressed out over the whole thing, causing anxiety, lack of sleep, family tension, the whole 9 yards. I just feel that I need a break from it all, and I think I can free up a lot of my time and relieve a lot of the stress involved with producing a two-hour radio show every week if I just hang it up for now. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m not saying it’s permanent. Who knows, the whole podcasting thing may fizzle out in a few years and maybe then I’ll take another stab at a show on KDHX. But as of right now, I can’t continue to do it all, so I’m throwing in the towel and will retire the old girl. She’s seen a lot of miles with over 560 episodes on KDHX spanning several different time slots, each of them unique, fun, and exciting.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with the show over the years: Jaimz Fete, Jeff Hess, Jason & Ann Rerun, Bill Streeter, Scott Lasser, Ryan Katastrophe, Beatle Bob (heh, JUST KIDDING!), etc. Thanks also to everyone at the greatest radio station on the planet, KDHX-FM 88.1, and especially to all of the fans, bands, and record labels that supported me and the show over the years. I honestly couldn’t have done it without any of you. We gave it a helluva good run and I hope the local music community benefited from it being on the air during these years. It will be up to the Program Committee to fill the vacated spot that I’ll leave open on Monday nights, but I’m sure they’ll either move another current show there or introduce another great new one to the KDHX roster (or both). It would be great if that show also had somewhat of a garage rock slant, but frankly, I’m not holding my breath. So while the demise of The Wayback Machine may signal the end of an era for KDHX, myself, and the local music community, I feel that the podcast more than makes up for it by ushering in a fresh and exciting new era of great rock’n’roll available daily. So I’ll still be around, just not on the airwaves in St. Louis. My last episode will be Monday August 28th.

Thanks again for everything, and stay sick!


New Crew!

Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce that there’s a new crew in place to pilot the Wayback Machine on future missions. Don’t worry, I’m still the captain of this ship. But I’m adding a couple of first mates: Ryan “Gilligan” Katastrophe and Scott “Doc” Lasser. Doc will be joining me on the show tonight, and Ryan next week. I think the plan right now is to have them alternate as co-host or whatever every-other week or so, and then about once a month they’ll do the show themselves, together. THAT should be interesting! Then I’ll probably still do the show solo once a month or so, too. Anyway, I’m just kinda bored doing it all by myself and I feel it’s time for a change. Plus, it’s time the show got a kick in the pants and I think this will do it. It will also help relieve the strain a bit for me and actually give me a week off now and then, something I’ll welcome gladly.

Happy birthday to me,


I’m gonna be in a movie…

Well I did it. I got interviewed last night at KDHX after The Wayback Machine for Superfan, the Beatle Bob documentary. The girl that’s doing it is very sweet and somehow charmed me into it, but I’m glad she did. I think what I had to say needed to be said, I was just reluctant to do it myself because I get so tired and bored with the whole Beatle Bob topic. I wish people would get excited and talk about our great local bands like they do about some kook who dances in the audience, lies to bands, and steals stuff. I also learned quite a bit about this enigmatic loon in the process. All I gotta say is this is probably going to one very interesting doco… It’s supposed to come out next spring. Watch for it.

No more DJ spins for a while…

I sent an email to Steve at The Royale this morning cancelling my next two DJ spins there. I’m just too busy with house projects, family summer plans, managing the GaragePunk Podcast, doing my regular radio show and lots of other crap to have the free time I really need to plan out and execute a successful spin every month. Plus, the last couple times I spun very few people (friends or otherwise) came out to hear it, and the people who were there would come up with off-the-wall, inappropriate requests like Led Zeppelin, the Jackson 5, Gnarls Barkley(!) or some shit, so I’m a bit disillusioned about this whole DJing thing. I might pick it up again in the fall if things slow down a bit and I can get caught up on some of these house projects (that’s what you get when you buy an 80-year-old house… it continually needs TLC), but for right now I’m steering clear of the DJ booth.

The Bug House at The Royale

Check out this event: DJ Kopper at The Royale!
Category: Parties and Nightlife
Hosted By: Kopper (duh)
When: Saturday May 27, 2006 at 9:30 PM
Where: The Royale
3132 S. Kingshighway (at Juniata)
Saint Louis, MO 63116
The Bug House is kinda like The Wayback Machine on Wheels! If you enjoy the music you hear on the radio show, then you’ll definitely have fun at The Bug House! Hope to see ya there.

Help a brother out?


So this past Monday was The Wayback Machine’s one shot at recruiting some new members (or at least some pledges) during the KDHX Spring Membership Drive, and once again, the show fell way short of its goal. Like over $400 short. That’s not good. One thing I like to show the station (and the Program Committee) is that I have listeners who not only enjoy what I play every week, but who are also willing to give to the station to show them that what I’m playing is important or valuable enough for people to not only listen once in a while, but to also support it with their pocketbooks. And when the show doesn’t do well, it kinda conveys that there’s not a lot of interest for the styles of music that I’m featuring. Now, I know that’s not the case. I know there are people out there in the community who enjoy my show, call me up almost every week with requests, band members of local bands that I play regularly, etc. And for every one of those there are probably a dozen others who enjoy it but never call. Anyway, my point is, if you enjoy the show, you really do owe it to yourself to support it by pledging some cash to KDHX. If it weren’t for KDHX, the show wouldn’t be on the air at all (obviously), and without the financial support of our listeners (um, YOU!), KDHX wouldn’t last another day. So please, if you have yet to pledge this year, do so now. You can pledge easily and inconspicuously online by clicking here. Just be sure you let ’em know it’s for The Wayback Machine. Online pledges count just as much as phone-in ones, and you can still take advantage of the pledge deferment, which can spread your pledge out over 12 monthly credit card payments so it doesn’t all hit your account at once. So you could theoretically pledge $88, spread it out over 12 monthly payments from your credit card, which equals out to just $7.33/month. I would hope that tuning into The Wayback Machine is at least worth that much to ya!

So, please pledge. And if you do, let me know by posting a comment here. Thanks!

DJ Kopper—Saturday Night at The Royale!

That’s right. It’s my not-quite-so-regular, once-every-few-months “Bug House” DJ spin at The Royale! And it’s happening this Saturday night. Fans of ye olde Wayback Machine take heed, for there will be multitudes of noise to serve as your background music whilst you drown your joys and/or sorrows in some of the best goddamned booze to he had anywhere in River City. Garage, punk, surf, rockabilly, R&B, broken blues, trash, sleaze, noise, and good old primitive rock’n’roll. Lowbrow music for lowlifes. And you know you’re one of ’em, so come on out and get silly with me.

So let’s recap, shall we?

What the…? REAL rock’n’roll for REAL people.
Who the…? DJ Kopper (me) of KDHX’s “The Wayback Machine”
Where the…? The Royale, 3132 S. Kingshighway in beautiful South City
When the…? I start spinning somewhere around 9:30-10pm and go ’til they kick yer drunk ass out the door at 1:30.
Why the…? Fuck if I know. Just come on down.

Welcome to the Black Hole


I’m starting to realize that I live in the black hole of garage punk—the land that REAL rock’n’roll forgot. That’s right, welcome to St. Louis, Missouri, USA. You’d think with roots so firmly planted in blues and R&B, as well as being home to such respected rock’n’roll pioneers as Chuck Berry, Johnnie
Johnson, Ike Turner, Screamin’ Joe Neal and various others that we’d have at least a halfway decent scene here, not to mention scores of rock’n’roll heathens of all ages actively out there pounding the pavement, going to shows, starting bands, putting out ‘zines, and preachin’ the primitive rawk gospel, but sadly that’s not really the case. Instead, what we seem to have is just a few scattered bands and a few scattered fans. And I *do* mean “a few.” But I’ve been going through Myspace profiles of people around the area for the past several weeks, trying to find some folks with similar music tastes, and I’ve never felt so much like an outsider in my own city before. It’s fucking pathetic. Those of you reading this who I’m already “friends” with are obviously exempt, but I’m talking about the rest of them. Where are the Cretins? The Goners? The Terminally Bored? The Sore Losers? The Horizontal Action-types of River City? Did they all fucking flee to Chicago and Memphis? Sorry if I sound down in the dumps about this, but it really bums me out. Why do these other cities have all the luck, all the bands, all the fans? Is there something in the water here that causes people to repel primal, fucked up music? All of this just sort of underscores what I’ve suspected for a long, long time. I mean, hell, I’ve been spinning this music on the St. Louis airwaves now for almost 10 years, but I’m still lucky to get one or two (appropriate) requests every week. I usually just chalk the lack of calls and requests up to people’s laziness, complacency, or shyness or whatever. Not really wanting to bother with a call in to the station. But now I’m really starting to fear the worst: People here have no clue. I have over 650 people and/or bands listed in my Myspace friends list, and I’d wager that 90f them are from outside the St. Louis area. I wish there was a way to sort your friends by location so I could get an exact percentage (if anyone has an idea on how to do this, by all means let me know!). I’m not really sure I understand WHY it is that people here would seem to have an aversion towards trashy, primitive rock’n’roll, but the proof is in the pudding… or maybe the mud… whatever. So I’m taking my DJ thing to the bars. I’m not going to call a place like the Lemmons a “club” because too many of the snobby scenesters around here claim it’s too “quaint” to be a club. So be it. It’s a bar, then. Big fuckin’ deal. But I happen to like the place and the people who work there, and it seems to have done really well in hosting the Carnaby Street DJ spins up ’til now, so who knows? Maybe I can win over a few converts. That’s where I’ll be spinning my music this Thursday night. I guess we’ll see how well this experiment works. I’m not holding my breath, though. So far I’ve only received *one* RSVP to the MySpace event invitation I sent out last week.

Not giving up just yet, DJ kopper of The Wayback Machine/The Bug House.

Beatle Bob

This is a public service announcement warning any and ALL bands that happen to be playing in St. Louis (local and/or touring) to not believe a single word that BEATLE BOB tells you, or at least as it applies to him trying to scam free merchandise from you for “spins” on a radio show. Why? Well, despite what he might claim, Beatle Bob does not—nor has he ever—had anything to do with my radio show, The Wayback Machine (or any other show for that matter), on KDHX. And, as far as I know, he does not have a radio show, period. Does he write for any ‘zines (like he might still claim to do w/Jet Lag, which ceased publication in the mid-’90s) or any online publications like Night Times (also dead) or whatever else he may tell you? Nope! If you doubt me, check the source before giving him free merch. Get the address of the publication or radio station from them, and contact them directly before giving him anything or sending anything to him in the mail. Why am I on this crusade? Well, I have proof that he’s lying and cheating his way to scam records off of bands. Below is a quote from an email I received from David Rhan of the Carbonas, who played at the Creepy Crawl recently. I couldn’t make it to the show, but obviously Beatle Bob did:

I talked to that Beatle Bob guy, he said he knew you & helped run your radio show, and that if I gave him an LP he’d see that you’d get it. So I gave him 2 records, one for him and one for you.

Obviously, I’ve not received any LP from Beatle Bob. Never have, never will. I wonder how long he’s been saying this to bands! Furious, I contacted our station manager to see if there was anything else we could do about this. Here’s what she wrote:

We have already had a letter sent from our attorney telling him to cease and desist representing himself as part of this station. The problem is twofold. First, it will cost us money to go any further legally and second, whatever the hold is this guy has, it’s very real and our publicly putting him down makes us look bad. The best thing to do is let any bands you’re in touch with know that he has no affiliation to the station and if they want to give him free product just because he’s Beatle Bob, that’s up to them, but it’s not going to get them any airplay.

So there you have it. Be forewarned, that’s all I can say. If he tells you he has ANY affiliation w/KDHX, he’s lyin’ through his teeth. And like I stated above, this should be enough evidence for you to check out anything else he might tell you in order to get free records, CDs, t-shirts… whatever bands are willing to bestow onto this loser “because he’s Beatle Bob.”