Episode #558

Playlist for August 14, 2006

Haunted George: This Is a Test (Bone Hauler/Dead Beat)
Higher Elevation: The Diamond Mine (V/A: Pebbles Vol. 3/AIP)
The Treblemakers: It Came From Uranus (Flippin’ The Bird With…/Gee-Dee)
The Peelers: Astronaut (Let’s Detonate/Beer Can)
Black Lips: Stranger (We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Trees Grow/Bomp!)
The Standing 8 Counts: Broke Neck Blues (Greatest Hits/Mere Noise)
The Defectors: Leave Me Alone (Give in and Creep Out With…/No Fun)
Milky Ways: Got My Mojo Back (Milky Ways/Alive)
Jan Davis: Verti-Go-Go (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar Vol. IV/Sundazed)
The Cosmopolitans: Talkin’ About You (Wild Moose Party/Dionysus)
La Peste: Better Off Dead (Better Off La Peste/Dionysus)
The Pack: Looking for Danger (Pack/Eversongs)
The Mummies: Stronger Than Dirt (Never Been Caught/Telstar)
Huevos Rancheros: Beach Blanket Blackout (V/A: Surf Monsters/Del-Fi)
Soul Inc.: You Better Get a Move On (V/A: Get a Move On/Teenage Shutdown)
John Does: One Kind Favor (V/A: I’m Down Today/Teenage Shutdown)
The Tyros: Trying to Get to You (V/A: Cry of Atlantis/Bacchus Archives)
Roy Junior: Victim of Circumstances (V/A: Back From the Grave Vol. 4/Crypt)
The Lollipop Shoppe: You Must Be a Witch (V/A: Nuggets box/Rhino)
The Electric Prunes: Are You Lovin’ Me More (But Enjoying it Less) (Lost Dreams/Birdman)
The Count Five: They’re Gonna Get You (Psychotic Revelation/Big Beat)
Kenny and The Kasuals: Journey to Tyme (Nuggets box/Rhino)
Shorty Long: Devil With the Blue Dress On (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 3/SCTU)
Eddie Angel: Casbah (Guitar Party/MuSick)
The Playmobils: Shake That Monkey (International Lifestyle/P. Trash)
The Little Killers: Roll Me (A Real Good One/Gern Blandsten)
The Booby Traps: Movin’ On (The Booby Traps/Off the Hip)
Nikki Corvette and The Stingrays: Tokyo Boy (Back to Detroit/DRR)
Nikki and The Corvettes: I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (Nikki & The Corvettes/Bomp!)
The Apemen: Baha-Ree-Ba (7 Inches of Love/Double Crown)
The Penetrators: Drive Me Crazy (Basement Anthology 1976-84/Swami)
Surf Trio: Fun in the Summer (V/A: Be A Caveman/Voxx)
The Barracudas: His Last Summer (This Ain’t My Time/Castle)
The Stomachmouths: I’m Going Away (Born Losers/Subliminal Sounds)
The Devil Dogs: Baby I’m a King (30 Sizzling Slabs/Crypt)
The Four Slicks: That Crazy Little House on the Hill (The Four Slicks/Slick)
The Alohas: The Hotdogger (Get Leid With/Off The Hip)
Doc Starkes: Love Me Like Crazy (V/A: Desperate Rock’n’Roll Vol. 1/Flame)
BBQ: I’m the One (BBQ/Alien Snatch)
The Kinks: I Gotta Move (Kinks/Essential)
DMZ: Watch For Me Girl (DMZ/Sire)
The Space Cossacks: The Apes of Wrath (Never Mind the Bolsheviks – The Best of…/MuSick)
Fortune & Maltese and The Phabulous Pallbearers: Wig Wam (Fortune & Maltese and The Phabulous Pallbearers/Get Hip)
The Dirtbombs: Candyass (If You Don’t Already Have a Look/In The Red)
The Sonics: Dirty Robber (Here Are the Sonics/Norton)
The Spits: PCT (The Spits/Slovenly)
DC Snipers: Power Off (Missile Sunset/Dead Beat)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/83405689″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/83410012″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Episode #554

Playlist for July 17, 2006

The Barbarellatones: Invasion of the Surf Zombies (Invasion of the Surf Zombies/no label)
Los Kahunas: Mavericks (V/A: Waves of Reverb, Sea of Fuzz Vol. 1/No Fun)
Andre Williams: Hold Up (Aphrodisiac/Pravda)
The Creatures of the Golden Dawn: Fade to Black (An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge/Get Hip)
Jawbone: Get Rhythm (7″/Loose Music)
The Touch-Me-Nots: Hey, Television (7″/Reach and Squirrel)
Black Lips: Oh Katrina (Party at Rob’s House 7″/Die Slaughterhaus)
The Jesters: The Jester (V/A: Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar/Sundazed)
The Vistas: I Want A Cadillac (V/A: Cry Of Atlantis/Bacchus Archives)
Dean Carter: Sizzlin’ Hot (Call Of The Wild/Big Beat)
The Blonde Bomber: Strollie Bun (V/A: Rockin’ From Coast to Coast Vol. 3/Ace)
TubeStone: Bandi (Aligretosurfati/no label)
Radio Birdman: I-94 (The Essential Radio Birdman [1974-1978]/Sub Pop)
The Gizmos: Cry Real Tears (Rock & Roll Don’t Come From New York/Gulcher)
Bill Robinson and The Quails: The Cow (V/A: Whip It On ‘Em/Candy)
Country Teasers: Getaway (Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire/In the Red)
Sons of Hercules: Borrowed Time (Hits for the Misses/Unclean)
Oblivians: Love Killed My Brain (Blow Their Cool 7″/Estrus)
The Goldstars: Purple Girlfriend (Purple Girlfriend/Pravda)
Terry Knight and The Pack: How Much More (V/A: Michigan Mayhem! Vol. 1/More Fun)
Things To Come: I’m Not Talkin’ (V/A: If You’re Ready! The Best of Dunwich Records Vol. 2/Sundazed)
Mickey and The Clean Cuts: Soapy (V/A: Hodad Hootenanny/Crypt)
The Riptides: I’m in Love (V/A: Hang It Out to Dry/Satan)
The Move: I Can Hear the Grass Grow (V/A: Nuggets II box/Rhino)
Manganzoides: Tsunami! (Sobredosis de Horror/No Fun)
The Obvious: Surf’s Up Gang! (CD-R/no label)
The Cynics: On the Run (Blue Train Sessions/Get Hip)
The Original Sins: Get Off (Out There/Psonik)
The Phantom Surfers: Bikini Drag (Play The Music From The Big Screen Productions/Estrus)
Angry Samoans: Steaknife (The Unboxed Set/Triple X)
The Crown Royals: Six Pack (All Night Burner/Estrus)
The Come n’ Go: Baby What’s Wrong (Rhythm N’ Blood/Voodoo Rhythm)
Camaro Rouge: Red Hot (Got a Crane in My Head/Demolition Derby)
The Fe Fi Fo Fums: Shake All Night (Shake All Night!/Boom Boom)
Angry Samoans: Time Has Come Today (Unboxed Set/Triple X)
Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays: Back to Detroit (Back to Detroit/DRR)
Teengenerate: Shake A Tail Feather (Savage/SFTRI)
The Krunchies: I Know (In De Winkel/Criminal IQ)
LiveFastDie: Fat Guy (Bandana Thrash Record/Dead Beat)
The Four Slicks: You Lied to Me Honey (The Four Slicks/Slick Records)
The Konks: Outta My Mind (The Konks/Bomp)
The Madd: I’m Gone (Are Left Behind 7″/Stardumb)
Nathaniel Mayer: I Found Out (I Found Out 7″/Stardumb)
The Cripplers: Death of The Cripplers (Demo CD/no label)
Blank Its: Hit Me (Happy Accidents/Empty)
Jeffrey Novak One Man Band: Nothing to Do (Southern Trash/P. Trash)

Only about an hour and 20 minutes of this show was recorded (one segment). Download it HERE or click to play below:

Episode #553

Playlist for July 10, 2006

The Spark Plugs: Chicken (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 2/STCTU)
The Astronauts: El Aguila (Competition Coupe/Collectables)
Little Wille and His Pals: We’re Gonna Dance (V/A: In Betweens CD-R/no label)
Eddie Daniels: Hug Me, Kiss Me (V/A: Desperate Rock’n’Roll Vol. 1/Flame)
McKinley Mitchell: Rock Everybody Rock (V/A: Stompin’ 2/Stompin’)
Bucky and The Dales: Firewater (V/A: Beach Party/Garpax Surf’n’Drag/Ace)
The Shadows: Perfidia (Shadows Are Go!/Scamp)
The Wailers: Hang Up (Version 1) (Wailers Wailers Everywhere/Etiquette/Big Beat)
The Wailers: Tall Cool One (At the Castle/Etiquette/Big Beat)
Billy and The Kids: Say You Love Me (V/A: Back From the Grave Pt. 3/Crypt)
Count Five: Move it Up (Psychotic Revelation/Big Beat)
The Exceptions: Girl Trouble (V/A: Rare 60’s Beat Treasures Vol. 5/Gone Beat)
Sons of Fred: I’ll Be There (V/A: Trans-World Punk Rave-Up!/no label)
The Fireballs: Quite a Party (V/A: Dancehall Stringbusters!/Sundazed)
The Elastik Band: Spazz (V/A: Nuggets box/Rhino)
The Yorkshire Puddin’: Good Night Day (V/A: Let’s Dig ‘Em Up!!!/No Tyme)
The Pretty Things: Buzz the Jerk (Get the Picture?/Snapper)
Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs: (I’m in With) The Out Crowd (Pharaohization! The Best of…/Rhino)
The Rockers: Rock, Rock, Rocket Ship (V/A: Cry of Atlantis/Bacchus Archives)
The Dictators: Faster & Louder (Bloodbrothers/D.F.F.D.)
Wreckless Eric: Rags & Tatters (Wreckless Eric/Stiff)
The Customs: Bertha Lou (Real Long Gone/Shake It)
The Gruesomes: Three Men, One Coffin (Gruesomology 1985-89/Sundazed)
The Nomads: Temptation Pays Double (Showdown! [1981-1993]/SFTRI)
The Miracle Workers: I’m Hung Up (Moxies Revenge/Get Hip)
Satan’s Pilgrims: Spoke (Soul Pilgrim/Estrus)
Thee Headcoats: Troubled Times (Elementary Headcoats/Damaged Goods)
Thee Headcoatees: Ca Plaine Pour Moi (The Sisters of Suave/Damaged Goods)
The Royal Pendletons: You’ve Got to Pay the Chinaman (Oh Yeah, Baby/SFTRI)
The Woggles: Don’t Give Me No Sass (Get Tough/Telstar)
The Washouts: You’re Alone (I Was a Teenage Washout!/Golly Gee)
The Revelators: Ain’t That Hatin’ You Baby (We Told You Not to Cross Us…/Crypt)
The Hypnomen: Helveteen (Watusi 99/MuSick)
River City Tanlines: Gimme Whatever (All 7 Inches Plus 2 More/Dirtnap)
BBQ: Don’t Hold Out on Me (Tie Your Noose/Bomp!)
Rockin’ Ryan and The Real Goners: Caged Heat (Caged Heat/Golly Gee)
TubeStone: Moonrider (Aligretosurfati/Self)
Black Lips: Boomerang (Let it Bloom/In the Red)
Dee Rangers: Empty House (Five Spanish Minutes/Screaming Apple)
The Maggots: Now I Have to Go (Monkey Time!/Screaming Apple)
M.O.T.O.: The Chicks Can Tell (Kill M.O.T.O./Criminal IQ)
DC Snipers: Electric Chair From Saigon (Missile Sunset/Dead Beat)
The Four Slicks: Shake it Up and Move (Rhythm & Booze/Slick)
The Super Stocks: Oceanside (Surf Route 101/Sundazed)
The Little Killers: You Better Be Right (A Real Good One/Gern Blandsten)
The Higher State: Every Word (Round Here/Teen Sound)
The Barbarellatones: I Had Sex With a C.H.U.D. (Invasion of the Surf Zombies!/no label)
The Booby Traps: Ms. Fireball (The Booby Traps/Off the Hip)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

Episode #541

Playlist for April 17, 2006

Richie Allen and The Pacific Surfers: Put it On (The Rising Surf/Sundazed)
Arch Hall, Jr. and The Archers: Judy Poody (Wild Guitar!/Norton)
The Ebonnettes: Wild Man Walk (V/A: Jungle Exotica/Strip)
Don and The Goodtimes: Turn On (The Original Northwest Sound of…/BeatRocket)
Rodger Collins: She’s Looking Good (V/A: Moaning, Groaning, Crying/Ace)
DM Bob & Country Jem: Like it That Way (Bum Steer/Hazelwood)
The Reigning Sound: When You Touch Me (Live at Maxwell’s/Telstar)
The Surfriders: Surfbeat (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar III/Sundazed)
Russ Olson: Sorry About That (V/A: The Ikon Records Story/Frantic/Crypt)
The Bards: My Generation (V/A: Northwest Battle of the Bands Vol. 2/Big Beat)
Mondo Topless: Anytime (Go Fast!/Get Hip)
The Ugly Beats: I’ll Make You Happy (Bring on the Beats!/Get Hip)
The Milkshakes: Jaguar (19th Nervous Shakedown/Big Beat)
The Tornadoes: Vaquero (Beyond the Surf – The Best of…/Sundazed)
The Ready Men: Shortnin’ Bread (Get Ready!!/Norton)
Radio Birdman: Burn My Eye ’78 (The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978)/Sub Pop)
Devo: Secret Agent Man (Duty Now for the Future/Virgin)
Devo: Mongoloid (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!/Warner Bros.)
The Gamblers: Teen Machine (Kim Fowley: Underground Animal/Bacchus Archives)
The Omens: I Lost My Mind (Destroy the ESP/Hipsville)
Dee Rangers: Back in My Life (Five Spanish Minutes/Screaming Apple)
Bo Diddley: Diddley Daddy (The Chess Box/MCA)
The Pack: Nobody Can Tell Us (Pack/Eversongs)
The Dynotones: Devil’s Martini (The Dynotones/Dynosonic)
Oblivians: Hey Mama, Look at Sis (Popular Favorites/Crypt)
The Nomads: Screamin’ (Big Sound 2000/Estrus)
The Fall-Outs: All the Time (Sleep/Super Electro)
M.O.T.O.: 2-4-6-8 Rock’n’Roll (Raw Power/Criminal IQ)
The Flakes: Back to School (Back to School – DRR)
The Fathoms: Tracking Bigfoot (Overboard/MuSick)
The Chocolate Watchband: Sweet Young Thing (Melts in Your Brain… Not on Your Wrist/Big Beat)
The Seeds: Rollin’ Machine (A Web of Sound/GNP Crescendo)
The Gories: I Got Eyes for You (V/A: Cheapo Crypt Sampler/Crypt)
The Dirtbombs: I’m Through With White Girls (Dangerous Magical Noise/In the Red)
The Glads: My Baby Likes to Get Smashed (Bad Case of the Glads/Music for Cats)
The Dragstrip Bros.: The Assassin (V/A: Shakin’ in My Boots: A Texas Rock’n’Roll Compilation/Licorice Tree)
The Vultures: Strychnine (The Vultures/Big Muddy)
The Deadly Snakes: West Texas Sound (I’m Not Your Soldier Anymore/In the Red)
The Volk Brothers: The Walk (Rock With the Volk Brothers/Bacchus Archives)
The Torquays: Escondido (V/A: Beach Party – Garpax Surf’n’Drag/Ace)
The Space Cossacks: The Apes of Wrath (Never Mind the Bolsheviks, the Best of…/MuSick)
The Trashies: Sweatpants Boner (Life Sucks Trash Fuck/Mortville)
The Bad Rackets: Porno Magazines (Full on Blown Apart/Mortville)
Baseball Furies: Outcast (Greater Than Ever/Big Neck)
The Chimney Sweeps: Devil Girl ’67 (Devil Girl/Vicious Sloth)
The Devils: The Devil Dance (V/A: Party Party Party/Arf! Arf!)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

Episode #539

Playlist for April 3, 2006

Ron Haydock and The Boppers: Eaffin’ and Surfin’ (99 Chicks/Norton)
Richie Allen and The Pacific Surfers: Surfers’ Slide (Surfers’ Slide/Sundazed)
The Reigning Sound: Funny Thing (Home for Orphans/SFTRI)
Bo Diddley: Bo Diddley (The Chess Box/MCA)
Joe Boot: Rock and Roll Radio (V/A: Stompin’ 2/no label)
The Blues Rockers: Calling All Cows (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 3/STCTU)
Al Garcia and The Rhythm Kings: Too Much Soul (Al Garcia and The Rhythm Kings/Bacchus Archives)
The Vultures: Let’s Have a Party (The Vultures/Big Muddy)
Love: 7 and 7 Is (V/A: Nuggets box/Rhino)
Dead Boys: Not Anymore (Young Loud and Snotty/Sire)
Pointed Sticks: The Witch (Perfect Youth/Sudden Death)
The Wipers: Return of the Rat (Wipers Box Set/Zeno)
Long John Hunter: Flippin’ Fingers (Ooh Wee Pretty Baby!/Norton)
Brimstone Howl: Bad Seed (Bang! x7/Speed! Nebraska)
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!: Lo Que Quiero (Cantan en Espanol/Voodoo Rhythm)
The Six String Jets: Little Girls (The Six String Jets EP/ Wrecked ‘Em)
The Gants: Gloria (Road Runner! The Best of…/Sundazed)
The Beachcombers: All to Pieces (V/A: Rich Sounds of the ’60s Vol. 1/no label)
The Lively Ones: Shut Down (Heads Up! The Best of… Vol. 2/Del-Fi)
Dee Rangers: Those Days Are Gone (Five Spanish Minutes/Screaming Apple)
Baby Woodrose: Kitty Galore (Love Comes Down/Playground)
The Strollers: There Ain’t No Cheatin’ (Captain of My Ship/Low Impact)
The Gruesomes: Won’t You Listen? (Gruesomology 1985-89/Sundazed)
The Gentleman Callers: You Oughta Know by Now (Don’t Say What it Is/Wee Rock)
Thee Phantom 5ive: Road Rage (Do the Doomdom/Misprint)
Sons of Cyrus: Wish I Was Blind (Rock & Rollercoaster/Big Brothel)
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: Baby Stardust (Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter/Alive)
Pussy Galore: Brick (Dial “M” for Motherfucker/Caroline)
George Brigman: Jungle Rot (Jungle Rot/Bona Fide)
The Syndicate: My Baby’s Barefoot (V/A: Back From the Grave Pt. 3/Crypt)
Eddie Angel: Police Raid on Toe Rag (Guitar Party/MuSick)
Thee Headcoats: Everyday (The Earls of Suavedom/Crypt)
The Mullens: Looks Like Fun (The Mullens/Get Hip)
The Purple Gang: I Know What I Am (V/A: Northwest Battle of the Bands Vol. 2/Big Beat)
Sonny Flaherty and The Mark V: Do It (Hey Conductor/Bacchus Archives)
The Teen’s Men: Spin Out (V/A: Elemental Instrumentals!!/Ace)
Ugly Ducklings: She Ain’t No Use to Me (V/A: Ear-Piercing Punk/AIP)
Zakary Thaks: Bad Girl (Form the Habit/BeatRocket)
The Fendermen: Muleskinner Blues (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 3/STCTU)
Reatards: Looking for Danger (Bed Room Disasters/Empty)
Mind Controls: Bite Your Tongue (Mind Controls/Dirtnap)
The Manikins: Lie, Cheat and Steal (Lie Cheat & Steal/P.Trash)
The Bradipos IV: She Devil’s Curse (Surf Session/Teen Sound)
Zodiac Killers: UFO Invasion (Radiation Beach/Rip Off)
The Swingin’ Neckbreakers: Mystery Woman (The Return of Rock/Telstar)
The Von Zippers: Wurms (Blitzhacker/Estrus)
Black Lips: Can’t Get Me Down (Black Lips!/Bomp!)
Estrume’n’tal: Ments (Neander’n’tal/Golly Gee)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

Episode #538

Playlist for March 27, 2006

The Super Stocks: “T” Roadster (Thunder Road/Sundazed)
P.J. & Artie: Squad Car (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar III/Sundazed)
Tyrone Schmidling: You’re Gone I’m Left (7″/Norton)
The Vagrants: Respect (V/A: Nuggets box/Rhino)
Jim Jackson: Some Love With Soul (V/A: Jump and Shout!/Jump and Shout)
The Mortals: Everybody Else (Last Time Around/Estrus)
The Tikis: Rick-O-Shay (V/A: Elemental Instrumentals!!/Ace)
The Satelliters: It’s Not True (The Satelliters EP/Dionysus)
The Fleshtones: Push Up Man (Beachhead/Yep Roc)
The Maharajas: Don’t Wanna Lose You (A Third Opinion/Low Impact)
Iggy and The Stooges: Gimme Some Skin (Year of the Iguana/Bomp!)
The Hoodoo Gurus: I Want You Back (V/A: Children of Nuggets box/Rhino)
Swell Maps: International Rescue (V/A: Straight Outta Burbank/Bomp!)
The Surf Riders: Panel Five (V/A: Board Boogie – Surf ‘n’ Twan From Down Under/Big Beat)
The Omens: Walk Last Night (Destroy the ESP/Hipsville)
The Embrooks: But I Didn’t Know Him (45s and High Times/Munster)
The Wailers: Frenzy (The Wailers & Co./Etiquette/Big Beat)
13th Floor Elevators: Fire Engine (Absolutely the Best of… /Fuel 2000)
Paul Revere and The Raiders: Like, Long Hair (The Legend of Paul Revere/Columbia)
DM Bob & Country Jem: I’ve Been Your Good Thing (Bum Steer/Hazelwood)
The Soledad Brothers: Gimmie Back My Wig (Soledad Brothers/Estrus)
The Guilty Hearts: Gimme Some Water (The Guilty Hearts/Voodoo Rhythm)
Sons of Cyrus: Begging Me for More (Rock & Rollercoaster/Big Brothel)
The Maggots: Nobody Loves the Hulk (7″/Bootleg Booze)
Link Protrudi and The Jaymen: No Stopping (Hit and Run/Get Hip)
The Fuzztones: 1-2-5 (Flashbacks/Sundazed)
Nine Pound Hammer: Feelin’ Kinda Froggy (Smokin’ Taters/Crypt)
Gary Shelton: The Trance (V/A: The Big Itch Vol. 3/Mr. Manicotti)
In-Sect: Let This Be a Lesson (V/A: Devil’s Children Vol. 2/Gear Off)
The Rock Shop: Is That Your Halo (V/A: Fuzz, Flaykes, & Shakes Vol. 4/Bacchus Archives)
McLemore Avenue: A Toy Robot! (V/A: Shakin’ in My Boots: A Texas Rock’n’Roll Compilation/Licorice Tree)
Bleed: Fist (Motor Psycho/MuSick)
The Saints: Do the Robot (Eternally Yours/Amsterdamned)
A-Frames: Nobot (A-Frames/SS)
Knuckel Drager: Robots Attack (Monster/Lane Zero)
Man or Astro-Man?: 9 Volt (Experiment Zero/Touch & Go)
Man or Astro-Man?: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme (Destroy All Astro-Men!!/Estrus)
The Sir Finks: The Ulrich (Instrumentals in the Key of… BOSS!!!/Wildebeest)
Steve Alaimo and The Red Coats: Home by Eleven (V/A: Rampage!/Atomic Passion)
Buddy Rogers: Mad With You (V/A: Stompin’ 2/Stompin’)
Bobbies: Truck (V/A: The Ikon Records Story/Crypt/Frantic)
Coachwhips: Hands on the Controls (Hands on the Controls/Show and Tell)
Cheater Slicks: Pants Down (Yer Last Record/In the Red)
Jack O and The Tearjerkers: Flashcube (Don’t Throw Your Love Away/SFTRI)
The Botumless Pit: 13 Stories High (7″ split w/ The Rising Suns/Norton)
Estrume’n’tal: Kaes (Neander’n’tal/Golly Gee)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

Episode #534

Playlist for February 27, 2006

The Honkeys: The Wayback Machine (Tequila Mockingbird/Golly Gee)
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones: Mr. Eliminator (King of the Surf Guitar: The Best of…/Rhino)
Jimmy McCracklin: The Walk (V/A: Land of 1000 Dances/Ace)
Baby Sticks and The King-Tones: Pigmy (V/A: Wolf Call!/Norton)
Johnny Kidd and The Pirates: Linda Lu (The Johnny Kidd Memorial Album/Your Cheating Heart/BGO)
The Underdogs: Don’t Pretend (V/A: Friday at the Hideout/Norton)
The New Dimensions: Souling USA (The Best of…/Sundazed)
The Fleshtones: I Am What I Am (Beachhead/Yep Roc)
The Mainliners: Daughter of Dimes (Bring on the Sweetlife/Get Hip)
The Stooges: Search and Destroy (Raw Power/CBS)
The Scientists: Shake (Together Tonight) (V/A: Murder Punk Vol. 1/Murder Punk Inc.)
The Inmates: Mr. Unreliable (V/A: Children of Nuggets box/Rhino)
Impala: Makin’ It (R&B Favorites/Estrus)
The Defectors: The Final Thrill (The Final Thrill EP/Bad Afro)
The Maharajas: Ethanol Rocket II (A Third Opinion/Low Impact)
The 5 Torquays: There She Walks (V/A: Mas Rock and Roll – 26 Rare 60’s Teen-Punk Artyfacts/Electro Harmonix)
Dean Carter: Jailhouse Rock (Call of the Wild!/Big Beat)
Mind Controls: Take a Message (Mind Controls/Dirtnap)
The Returnables: What Would Mother Say? (The Returnables/Dirtnap)
The Deadly Snakes: Sue (V/A: A Harem of Hits/Sultan)
Nikki Corvette: Love Me (7″/Rapid Pulse)
Baseball Furies: First Mistake (Let it Be/Big Neck)
Seks Bomba: Do You Know the Way to San Jose? (Operation B.O.M.B.A./YaYa)
The Guilty Hearts: Him or Me (The Guilty Hearts/Voodoo Rhythm)
Cheater Slicks: Please Explain It (Yer Last Record/In the Red)
Roky Erickson: Nothing in Return (I Have Always Been Here Before/Shout)
The 13th Floor Elevators: Levitation (Absolutely the Best of…/Fuel 2000)
Baby Woodrose: I Don’t Ever Want to Come Down (Dropout!/Bad Afro)
The Space Cossacks: The Space Victory Theme (Never Mind the Bolsheviks – The Best of…/MuSick)
Teengenerate: Dressed in Black (7″/Teenage Kicks)
Teengenerate: My GTO (Savage/Sympathy for the Record Industry)
The Great Scots: Ball and Chain (V/A: Wyld Canada Vol. 1/no label)
The Swamp Rats: Louie Louie (Disco Still Sucks!/Get Hip)
Joe Maphis: Water Babie Boogie (V/A: Dancehall Stringbusters! 2/Sundazed)
Freddie and The Hitch-Hikers: Sinners (V/A: Sin Alley Pt. 1/Crypt)
The Trashmen: Stick Shift (Bird Call! box/Sundazed)
White Flag: Face Down (T Is for Twenty/Soundflat)
Black Lips: Can’t Dance (Let it Bloom/In the Red)
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!: Rey de Tablistas (Cantan en Espano/Voodoo Rhythm)
The Defiant Ones: Bajjad (Super Secret Disaster/no label)
Prambath: Play Loud! Play Loud! (V/A: Secret Recipe From the Far East/Nice & Neat)
The Plastiques: By Your Side (101/P.Trash)
Thee Headcoats: No Such Animal (Beach Bums Must Die/Crypt)
The Phantom Surfers: Tokio Twist (Go! The Phantom Surfers Race Against the Tormentos/Scatter/Lost Tiki)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

Episode #533

Playlist for February 20, 2006

Andre Williams: Soul Party A Go Go (Mr. Rhythm Is Back/Revolvo)
Andre Williams: Jail Bait (Mr. Rhythm/Regency)
Jerry Lee Lewis: Breathless (V/A: The Legendary Sun Records Story/Castle)
The Revels: Comanche (V/A: Pulp Fiction Soundtrack/MCA)
Zeno Tornado and The Boney Google Brothers: Out of Control (Lover of Your Dreams/Voodoo Rhythm)
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!: Momia Twist (Cantan en Español/Voodoo Rhythm)
The Centurions: Bullwinkle Pt. II (V/A: Pulp Fiction Soundtrack/MCA)
Chocolate Moose: The Chocolate Moose Theme (V/A: Fort Worth Teen Scene [1964-’67] Vol. 1/Norton)
The Hi-Lights: Sad Sack (V/A: Fort Worth Teen Scene [1964-’67] Vol. 2/Norton)
The Mortals: I’m Branded (Last Time Around/Estrus)
The Woggles: Ragged But Right (Ragged But Right/Telstar)
Soledad Brothers: Downtown Paranoia Blues (The Hardest Walk/Alive)
The Ventures: The Chase (In the Vaults Vol. 3/Ace)
Yesterday’s Children: Wanna Be With You (V/A: Pebbles Vol. 5/AIP)
Floyd Dakil Combo: Dance Franny Dance (V/A: Pebbles Vol. 1/AIP)
Pagans: Not Now No Way (Shit Street/Crypt)
The Barracudas: I Saw My Death in a Dream Last Night (This Ain’t My Time Anthology ’79-’90/Castle)
Nikki and The Corvettes: You’re the One (Nikki and The Corvettes/Bomp!)
Bobby Wayne: Cyclone (V/A: Dancehall Stringbusters! 2/Sundazed)
Ghetto Ways: The Na Na (Solid Brown/Alien Snatch!)
The King Khan & BBQ Show: Take Me Back (The King Khan & BBQ Show/Goner/Hazelwood)
Billy Watkins: I’m Tired (V/A: Jump and Shout!/Jump and Shout)
The Crawdaddys: I Can Never Tell (V/A: Children of Nuggets box/Rhino)
The Penetrators: Drive Me Crazy (Basement Anthology 1976-’84/Swami)
The Cramps: New Kind of Kick (V/A: Children of Nuggets box/Rhino)
Satan’s Pilgrims: Scatter Shield (Soul Pilgrim/Estrus)
The Devil Dogs: One That Got Away (Big Beef Bonanza/Crypt)
The Vikings: Bad to Be Good (The Best Head Ever/Just Add Water)
The Upper Crust: Ne’er-Do-Well (The Decline & Fall of…/Emperor Norton)
The Ugly Beats: I’ll Walk Away (Bring on the Beats!/Get Hip)
The Milkshakes: Out of Control (V/A: Ace 30th Birthday Celebration/Ace)
The Invisible Eyes: Can’t Wake Up (Laugh in the Dark/Bomp!)
The Nebulas: Nematode (It’s Go! Time/Tivertone)
The’s: Bomb the Twist (Bomb the Twist EP/SFTRI)
The Jet Boys: Break My Heart (Jumpin’ Jet Flash/ZKrecords)
The Coachwhips: Did You Cum? (Peanut Butter and Jelly Live at the Ginger Minge/Narnack)
The Hunches: 10,000 Miles (Yes. No. Shut It./In the Red)
Lost Sounds: Heart Felt Toys (Black-Wave/Empty)
The Preachers: Stay Out of My World (Moanin’/Bacchus Archives)
Menster Phip and The Phipsters: Daddy Wants a Cold Beer (Phip City/Telstar)
The Wilde Knights: Beaver Patrol (V/A: Uptight Tonight: The Ultimate ’60s Garage Collection/Big Beat)
The Tormentos: Contact (The Phantom Surfers Race Against The Tormentos/Lost Tiki/Scatter)
Tokyo Electron: Hangman’s Song (Tokyo Electron/Empty)
The Fatals: Flamin’ Baby (Slave My Soul 7″/Yakisakana)
The Spiders: Hey Boy (V/A: Ace 30th Birthday Celebration/Ace)
The Flakes: I’m Movin’ On (Back to School/DRR)

Only one segment of about an hour and twenty minutes exists of this show.

Part 1 (MP3)

Episode #531

Playlist for February 6, 2006

The Avanti’s: Countdown (V/A: The Ikon Records Story/Frantic/Crypt)
The Wailers: Wailers House Party (At the Castle/Etiquette/Big Beat)
The Elegants: Ooh Poo Pah Doo (V/A: Shout! Northwest Killers Vol. 2/Norton)
Buddy Love: Heartbreak Hotel (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 2/STCTU)
Black Lips: Born to Be a Man (7″/Varmint)
The Golden Boys: Davey (The Golden Boys/Hook or Crook)
The Tornadoes: Lightnin’ (Beyond the Surf – The Best of…/Sundazed)
The Reasons Why: Don’t Be That Way (V/A: Drive it Home – Rich Sounds of the ’60s Vol. 4/no label)
Lindy and The Lavells: You Ain’t Tuff (V/A: Uptight Tonight: The Ultimate ’60s Garage Collection/Big Beat)
The Subsonics: I Want My Baby, Black (A Lot to Forget/Slovenly)
The Subsonics: Parasites (Die Bobby Die/Slovenly)
The Sights: Want Is You (Are You Green/Fall of Rome)
The Lively Ones: Heads Up (Heads Up! The Best of…/Del-Fi)
The Sonics: Do You Love Me (Here Are The Sonics!!!/Norton)
The Sonics: Jenny Jenny (Boom/Norton)
Los Sleepers: Zombi (V/A: Mas Rock and Roll – 26 Rare 60’s Teen-Punk Artyfacts/Electro Harmonix)
Sweet: Wig-Wam Bam (Hell Raisers!/BeatRocket)
The Nomads: Where the Wolf Bane Blooms (V/A: Children of Nuggets box/Rhino)
Deuce Coupes: Nite Surfer (V/A: Hellbound Hot Rods!/Del-Fi)
South Filthy: I Like Beer (Crackin’ Up/Licorice Tree)
The Fleshtones: Bigger and Better (Beachhead/Yep Roc)
Danny Ware: The Zombie Stomp (V/A: Jump and Shout!/Jump and Shout)
Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers: Born to Lose (L.A.M.F./Track)
The Modern Lovers: Someone I Care About (The Modern Lovers/Beserkley)
The Waistcoats: You’re Wrong (Stark Raving Mod!/Wildebeest)
The Brentwoods: Everybody Buri Buri (Fun in South City/Radio X)
Captain 9’s and The Knickerbocker Trio: Yummy Yummy Yummy (Scum of the Earth/Rip Off)
The Fe Fi Fo Fums: My Baby Got the Boom Boom (Shake All Night/Boom Boom)
Supercharger: Hit the Road (Supercharger/Radio X/Estrus)
Zodiac Killers: Restraining Order (Radiation Beach/Rip Off)
M.O.T.O.: Girl Girl Inhale (Raw Power/Criminal IQ)
The Catalinas: Banzai Washout (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar II/Sundazed)
The Remains: Hang on Sloopy (A Session With…/Sundazed)
Tony Cole: Beat It! (V/A: Hot Generation!/Big Beat)
The Powerknobs: All Night Party Action (Turn On/Wildebeest)
The Royal Fingers: Echo Rocket 66 (Wild Eleki Deluxe/Del-Fi)
The Guilty Hearts: Satisfied (The Guilty Hearts/Voodoo Rhythm)
The Richmond Sluts: City Girls (The Richmond Sluts/Disaster)
Denise & Co.: Take Me as I Am (V/A: Girls in the Garage Vol. 1/Romulan)
The Pleasure Seekers: What a Way to Die (V/A: Friday at the Hideout/Norton)
The Continentals: Tic Toc (V/A: Elemental Instrumentals!!/Ace)
The Time Flys: Teenage Tears (Fly/Birdman)
The Flakes: I’m Telling You (Back to School/DRR)
The Milkshakes: You’ve Been Lyin’ (Nothing Can Stop These Men/Damaged Goods)
The Reatards: Drink Today (Not Fucked Enough/Empty)
The Red Hearts: More and Faster (More and Faster EP/123!Go)
Roy Buchanan: Mule Train Stomp (V/A: Dancehall Stringbusters 2/Sundazed)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

Episode #529

Playlist for January 23, 2006

The Mummies: The Ballad of Iron Eyes Cody (Never Been Caught/Telstar)
The Lively Ones: Tequila (Heads Up! The Best of… Vol. 2/Del-Fi)
Jimmy Lee: You Ain’t No Good for Me (V/A: Desperate Rock’n’Roll Vol. 2/Flame)
Jim Lowe: Green Door (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 2/STCTU)
Swingin’ Medallions: Double Shot of My Baby’s Love (V/A: Nuggets box/Rhino)
Odds & Ends: Cause You Don’t Love Me (V/A: Garage Punk Unknowns Pt. 2/Crypt)
Steve and The Emperors: The Breeze and I (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar I/Sundazed)
The Deadly Snakes: High Prices Going Down (Porcella/In the Red)
Andre Ethier: Sinners (With Christopher Sandes Featuring Pickles and Price/Sonic Unyon)
DMZ: Watch for Me Girl (DMZ/Sire)
The Customs: Long Gone (Real Long Gone/Shake It)
The Vipers: Tears (Only Dry) (V/A: Children of Nuggets box/Rhino)
The Tikis: Rick-O-Shay (V/A: Elemental Instrumentals!!/Ace)
The Fleshtones: Push Up Man (Beachhead/Yep Roc)
The Maharajas: Time (A Third Opinion/Low Impact)
Sons of Cyrus: What to Do (Monkey Business/Dead Beat)
The Outsiders: Do You Feel Allright (Strange Things Are Happening/RPM)
Mouse and The Traps: Maid of Sugar, Maid of Spice (V/A: Uptight Tonight: The Ultimate ’60s Garage Collection/Big Beat)
The Shadows: Kon Tiki (Shadows Are Go!/Scamp)
The Omens: I Lost My Mind (Destroy the ESP/Hipsville)
The Black Lips: Hippies (7″/Varmint)
The Hives: Outsmarted (Veni, Vidi, Vicious/Burning Heart)
The Aardvarks: You’re My Loving Way (V/A: Children of Nuggets box/Rhino)
The Greenhornes: Don’t Come Running to Me (Dual Mono/Telstar)
M.O.T.O.: Let’s Nail It to the Moon (Raw Power/Criminal IQ)
M.O.T.O.: Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance to the Radio (Kill M.O.T.O./Criminal IQ)
The Cramps: Give Me a Woman (A Date With Elvis/Restless)
The Wind: Your Man Is Gonna Leave You (V/A: She’s a Pest!/Teenage Shutdown)
Johnny O’Keefe and the DeeJays: Shake Baby Shake (V/A: Rockin’ From Coast to Coast Vol. 3/Ace)
The Drags: Can’t Change My Style (Dragsploitation…Now!/Estrus)
Sugar Shack: When Yer Not Doin’ Me (Shotgun for Two/Au-Go-Go)
The Jinx: Come on Up (V/A: Fort Worth Teen Scene Vol. 1/Norton)
The Images: My Kind of Woman (V/A: Fort Worth Teen Scene Vol. 2/Norton)
Fearsome Five: It’s Allright (V/A: Fort Worth Teen Scene Vol. 3/Norton)
Terry Clements and The Tune Tones: She’s My Baby Doll (V/A: Sin Alley Pt. 1/Crypt)
The Twisters: Countdown (V/A: Madness Invasion 2xCD/Eva)
The Vultures: Hanky Panky (The Vultures/Big Muddy)
The Vikings: High Time (The Best Head Ever 2xCD/Just Add Water)
The Fatals: My Darling and the Wind (V/A: Love Killed My Brain 7″/Nasty Product)
Dr. Frankenstein: She-Devils’ Stroll (Crime Scenes and Murder Songs/Double Crown)
The Spits: Black & Blue (The Spits/Slovenly)
The Alcoholic Helltones: Porno Queen (Trashed 7″ EP/Helltunes)
Satan’s Pilgrims: Que Honda? (Plymouth Rock/The Best of…/MuSick)
The Registrators: Just Sixteen (Terminal Boredom/Rip Off)
The Reatards: Private Affair (Bed Room Disasters/Empty)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)