Thee Lordly Serpents on the Wayback Machine


Next up in my short little series featuring music recorded by bands playing on my radio show at KDHX is a set by local garage-rockers Thee Lordly Serpents, featuring Roger Ward on drums/vocals, Mike McDaneld on guitar/vocals, and John Ebert on bass/lead vocals. I’m including five of the eight songs they played on the night of September 13, 2004.

Red Planet on the Wayback Machine


I don’t even believe this band is around anymore, but there were five years ago, when they were on tour and had stopped in St. Louis on July 5, 2004, to play a show at the Hi-Pointe that somehow got cancelled. So instead of playing there, they dropped by KDHX and hammered out a set of eight originals and one cover for the handful of listeners who happened to be tuned into my show that night. Hit play:

Episode #560

Photo by Bill Streeter

Photo by Bill Streeter

Playlist for August 28th, 2006

(The Final Episode)

The Cramps: Garbageman (Songs the Lord Taught Us/IRS)
Ramones: Cretin Hop (Anthology/Warner)
Ramones: We Want the Airwaves (Anthology/Warner)
The Geargrinders: The Wayback Machine (V/A: Landlocked & Loaded/TIRC)
Thee Lordly Serpents: Tomorrow’s Yesterday (Thee Lordly Serpents/Pro-Vel)
The Pretty Things: L.S.D. (Get the Picture/Snapper Music)
The Detroit Cobras: Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) (Baby/Rough Trade)
South Filthy: Hot Dog (You Can Name it Yo’ Mammy if You Wanna…/SFTRI)
Hasil Adkins: No More Hot Dogs (Chicken Walk/Dee Jay Jamboree)
Eddie Angel: Deuces Wild (Plays Link Wray/Spinout)
Circle Jerks: Golden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45) (Golden Shower Of Hits/Avenue/Rhino)
The Trashwomen: Justine (Spend The Night With…/Estrus)
The Vultures: Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me (The Vultures/Big Muddy)
The Pleasure Seekers: What a Way to Die (V/A: Friday at the Hideout/Norton)
The Renegades: Thirteen Women (V/A: Hang It Out to Dry/Satan)
Thee Midniters: Never Knew I Had It So Bad (In Thee Midnite Hour!!!!/Norton)
Impala: The Scratch (Play R&B Favorites/Estrus)
The Nevermores: Make It Happen (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: Hideous Eye (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: Andy (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: I Lost Lenore (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: Like a Pill (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Nevermores: Blue Diamond (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Bomboras: The Creature From The Lava Lagoon (Savage Island/Dionysus)
Bleed: Fist (Motor Psycho/MuSick)
Fun Things: Savage (V/A: Murder Punk Vol. 2/Murder Punk Inc.)
The Revelators: Don’t Look At Me When I’m Looking At You (We Told You Not to Cross Us/Crypt)
The Cripplers: Feel I’m Gonna Explode! (2005 Tronic Sessions Demo/no label)
Long John Thomas and The Duffs: Shake Little Gwendolyn (Presenting…/Wormtone)
Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (Great Balls of Fire/Back Biter)
Didjits: Jerry Lee (Fizzjob/Touch and Go)
Didjits: Long Lone Ranger (Hornet Pinata/Touch and Go)
Solomon Burke: Stupidity (The Best of/Rhino/Atlantic)
Link Wray: Rumble/The Swag (Rumble!/Rhino)
The Mummies: (You Must Fight to Live) On The Planet of the Apes (Death By Unga Bunga!!/Estrus)
The Four Slicks: Lulabelle (The Four Slicks/Slick)
The Downcasts: Rusty Hook (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Downcasts: I’m Rowed Out (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Downcasts: A Little Action (Live at KDHX/no label)
The Real Kids: My Way (Better Be Good/Norton)
Satan’s Pilgrims: Vampiro (Plymouth Rock- The Best of…/MuSick)


Episode #559

Playlist for August 21, 2006

Radio Birdman: We’ve Come So Far (To Be Here Today) (Zeno Beach/Yep Roc)
The Honkeys: The Wayback Machine (Tequila Mockingbird/Golly Gee)
Bobby Freeman: C’mon & Swim (V/A: Land of 1000 Dances/Ace)
Bobby Comstock: Let’s Stomp (V/A: Land of 1000 Dances Vol. 2/Ace)
Shirley Ellis: The Nitty Gritty (V/A: Land of 1000 Dances/Ace)
The Larks: The Jerk (V/A: Land of 1000 Dances Vol. 2/Ace)
Jackie Lee: The Duck (V/A: Land of 1000 Dances/Ace)
The Ventures: The Ninth Wave (In the Vaults Vol. 3/Ace)
Rumblers: I Don’t Need You No More (V/A: Desparate Rock’n’Roll/Flame)
Ray Gentry and The Rovin’ Gamblers: Willie Was a Bad Boy (V/A: Everybody’s Boppin’/Norton)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: I Hear Voices (Voodoo Jive/Rhino)
Jimmy McQuade and The Unique Echos: Booga-Ka-Do (V/A: Downtown Soulville!/Soulville)
The Gardenias: What’s the Matter With Me (V/A: Shakin’ Fit/Candy)
The Avengers VI: The Avengers Stomp (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar IV/Sundazed)
The Music Machine: Double Yellow Line (V/A: Nuggets box/Rhino)
Richard and The Young Lions: Open Up Your Door (V/A: Nuggets box/Rhino)
The Remains: All Good Things (The Remains/Sundazed)
The Gants: My Baby Don’t Care (Road Runner! The Best of…/Sundazed)
Bob Taylor: Wowsville (V/A: Las Vegas Grind/Strip)
The Grains of Sand: She Needs Me (V/A: Pebbles Vol. 8/AIP)
J.C. Davis: The Monkey (V/A: Jungle Exotica/Strip)
The Rangers: Reputation (V/A: Impossible But True – The Kim Fowley Story/Ace)
The Hounds: The Office Girl (V/A: Kim Fowley: Under Ground Animal/Bacchus Archives)
Pleasure Seekers: Never Thought You’d Leave Me (V/A: Friday at the Hideout/Norton)
Kommotions: Little Black Egg (V/A: Ear-Piercing Punk/AIP)
Greek Fountains: Howlin’ for My Darling (V/A: Howlin’ For My Darlin’!/Teenage Shutdown)
The Best Things: Chicks Are for Kids (V/A: Garage Beat ’66 Vol. 2/Sundazed)
De-Fenders: Drag Beat (V/A: Hellbound Hot Rods!/Del-Fi)
The Dictators: Teengenerate (Go Girl Crazy!/Epic)
Dead Boys: Ain’t Nothin’ to Do (Young Loud and Snotty/Sire)
The Dwarves: Be a Caveman (V/A: Be a Caveman – The Best of The Voxx Garage Revival/Voxx)
The Milkshakes: After Midnight (19th Nervous Shakedown/Big Beat)
The Gories: Nitroglycerine (I Know You Be House Rockin’/Crypt)
Jack O’ Fire: Meet Your Death (The Destruction Of Squaresville/Estrus)
Tell-Tale Hearts: Won’t Need Yours (V/A: Children Of Nuggets Vol. 4/Rhino)
Eddie Angel: Casbah (Guitar Party/MuSick)
The Gargoyles: Devil Devil (Without End/SFTRI)
Cheater Slicks: Dignity and Grace (Forgive Thee/In The Red)
Reigning Sound: Uptight Tonight (Too Much Guitar/In The Red)
The Deadly Snakes: I’m Leaving You (Ode to Joy/In The Red)
Impala: Odalisque (El Rancho Reverbo/Icehouse)
The Kaisers: Leave My Kitten Alone (Beat It Up!/No Hit)
The Goldstars: D.M.V. (Purple Girlfriend/Pravda)
The Little Killers: Fly Away (A Real Good One/Gern Blandsten)
The Leather Uppers: Sexy Wizard (Bright Lights/Goner)
Blank Its: Johnny’s Tongue (Happy Accidents/Empty)
The Infrareds: Delivering the Microfilm (Recorded on Microfilm/no label)

Episode #558

Playlist for August 14, 2006

Haunted George: This Is a Test (Bone Hauler/Dead Beat)
Higher Elevation: The Diamond Mine (V/A: Pebbles Vol. 3/AIP)
The Treblemakers: It Came From Uranus (Flippin’ The Bird With…/Gee-Dee)
The Peelers: Astronaut (Let’s Detonate/Beer Can)
Black Lips: Stranger (We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Trees Grow/Bomp!)
The Standing 8 Counts: Broke Neck Blues (Greatest Hits/Mere Noise)
The Defectors: Leave Me Alone (Give in and Creep Out With…/No Fun)
Milky Ways: Got My Mojo Back (Milky Ways/Alive)
Jan Davis: Verti-Go-Go (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar Vol. IV/Sundazed)
The Cosmopolitans: Talkin’ About You (Wild Moose Party/Dionysus)
La Peste: Better Off Dead (Better Off La Peste/Dionysus)
The Pack: Looking for Danger (Pack/Eversongs)
The Mummies: Stronger Than Dirt (Never Been Caught/Telstar)
Huevos Rancheros: Beach Blanket Blackout (V/A: Surf Monsters/Del-Fi)
Soul Inc.: You Better Get a Move On (V/A: Get a Move On/Teenage Shutdown)
John Does: One Kind Favor (V/A: I’m Down Today/Teenage Shutdown)
The Tyros: Trying to Get to You (V/A: Cry of Atlantis/Bacchus Archives)
Roy Junior: Victim of Circumstances (V/A: Back From the Grave Vol. 4/Crypt)
The Lollipop Shoppe: You Must Be a Witch (V/A: Nuggets box/Rhino)
The Electric Prunes: Are You Lovin’ Me More (But Enjoying it Less) (Lost Dreams/Birdman)
The Count Five: They’re Gonna Get You (Psychotic Revelation/Big Beat)
Kenny and The Kasuals: Journey to Tyme (Nuggets box/Rhino)
Shorty Long: Devil With the Blue Dress On (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 3/SCTU)
Eddie Angel: Casbah (Guitar Party/MuSick)
The Playmobils: Shake That Monkey (International Lifestyle/P. Trash)
The Little Killers: Roll Me (A Real Good One/Gern Blandsten)
The Booby Traps: Movin’ On (The Booby Traps/Off the Hip)
Nikki Corvette and The Stingrays: Tokyo Boy (Back to Detroit/DRR)
Nikki and The Corvettes: I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (Nikki & The Corvettes/Bomp!)
The Apemen: Baha-Ree-Ba (7 Inches of Love/Double Crown)
The Penetrators: Drive Me Crazy (Basement Anthology 1976-84/Swami)
Surf Trio: Fun in the Summer (V/A: Be A Caveman/Voxx)
The Barracudas: His Last Summer (This Ain’t My Time/Castle)
The Stomachmouths: I’m Going Away (Born Losers/Subliminal Sounds)
The Devil Dogs: Baby I’m a King (30 Sizzling Slabs/Crypt)
The Four Slicks: That Crazy Little House on the Hill (The Four Slicks/Slick)
The Alohas: The Hotdogger (Get Leid With/Off The Hip)
Doc Starkes: Love Me Like Crazy (V/A: Desperate Rock’n’Roll Vol. 1/Flame)
BBQ: I’m the One (BBQ/Alien Snatch)
The Kinks: I Gotta Move (Kinks/Essential)
DMZ: Watch For Me Girl (DMZ/Sire)
The Space Cossacks: The Apes of Wrath (Never Mind the Bolsheviks – The Best of…/MuSick)
Fortune & Maltese and The Phabulous Pallbearers: Wig Wam (Fortune & Maltese and The Phabulous Pallbearers/Get Hip)
The Dirtbombs: Candyass (If You Don’t Already Have a Look/In The Red)
The Sonics: Dirty Robber (Here Are the Sonics/Norton)
The Spits: PCT (The Spits/Slovenly)
DC Snipers: Power Off (Missile Sunset/Dead Beat)

Part 1 (MP3)
Part 2 (MP3)

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The End of an Era (The Wayback Machine, 1995-2006)


Greetin’s Cretins,

I just wanted to let everyone know I’ve decided to retire The Wayback Machine after almost 11 years on KDHX. The main reason behind this decision is I need to free up some time for my family and personal life. When my son was born three years ago it became increasingly difficult to find the time necessary to continue producing what I would consider a great radio show while also performing my necessary duties as husband and father. In the past, I would spend many hours a week seeking out and reviewing new music, digging up old stuff, and creating my playlists for each show (not to mention posting the playlists online, emailing them out to hundreds of bands and record labels, email lists, etc.). But after my son was born and life became a lot more hectic, that time started to dwindle. Then, to make matters worse, about a year ago Bill Streeter and I decided to start a podcast at At first it wasn’t that big of a deal, but as time went on and more people jumped on board, we started posting shows more frequently, until sometime this past winter when it became a daily podcast. Once that happened, time was again at a premium as I would spend probably about an hour every day downloading, reviewing, and posting each submitted show, several more hours each week managing and promoting the network, and then even more hours every couple of weeks producing my own podcast show. As time went on I knew something would have to give, and I’d be needing to make a decision soon about what I really wanted to continue doing. The whole podcasting thing is very exciting, and I’ve become a lot more involved with it than I have been with my regular radio show as of late. Because of that, I feel The Wayback Machine has begun to suffer. The quality of the shows has decreased considerably over the past several months, mainly because I haven’t been able to dedicate the time to it that I need to produce a quality show like in years past. I found myself getting more stressed out over the whole thing, causing anxiety, lack of sleep, family tension, the whole 9 yards. I just feel that I need a break from it all, and I think I can free up a lot of my time and relieve a lot of the stress involved with producing a two-hour radio show every week if I just hang it up for now. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m not saying it’s permanent. Who knows, the whole podcasting thing may fizzle out in a few years and maybe then I’ll take another stab at a show on KDHX. But as of right now, I can’t continue to do it all, so I’m throwing in the towel and will retire the old girl. She’s seen a lot of miles with over 560 episodes on KDHX spanning several different time slots, each of them unique, fun, and exciting.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with the show over the years: Jaimz Fete, Jeff Hess, Jason & Ann Rerun, Bill Streeter, Scott Lasser, Ryan Katastrophe, Beatle Bob (heh, JUST KIDDING!), etc. Thanks also to everyone at the greatest radio station on the planet, KDHX-FM 88.1, and especially to all of the fans, bands, and record labels that supported me and the show over the years. I honestly couldn’t have done it without any of you. We gave it a helluva good run and I hope the local music community benefited from it being on the air during these years. It will be up to the Program Committee to fill the vacated spot that I’ll leave open on Monday nights, but I’m sure they’ll either move another current show there or introduce another great new one to the KDHX roster (or both). It would be great if that show also had somewhat of a garage rock slant, but frankly, I’m not holding my breath. So while the demise of The Wayback Machine may signal the end of an era for KDHX, myself, and the local music community, I feel that the podcast more than makes up for it by ushering in a fresh and exciting new era of great rock’n’roll available daily. So I’ll still be around, just not on the airwaves in St. Louis. My last episode will be Monday August 28th.

Thanks again for everything, and stay sick!


Episode #557

Playlist for August 7, 2006

The Mar-Keys: Hot Rod (V/A: Crazy ‘Bout an Automobile/Ace)
Deuce Coupes: Double A Fueler (V/A: Hellbound Hot Rods!/Del-Fi)
Mac Rebennack: Storm Warning (V/A: Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol. 1/STCTU)
Richie Richardson and The Jaguars: The Jump (V/A: Rampage!/Atomic Passion)
Roy Brown: Saturday Night (V/A: Rockin’ From Coast to Coast Vol. 2/Ace)
Hal Blaine and The Young Cougars: Mutiny on the Bongos (Deuces, “T’s,” Roadsters & Drums/Sundazed)
The Vikings: Rawhide (V/A: Elemental Instrumentals!!/Ace)
Hasil Adkins: I Need Your Head (Chicken Walk/Dee Jay Jamboree)
Holidays: Concussion (V/A: Concussion!!!/Mr. Manicotti)
The Opposite Six: I’ll Be Gone (V/A: I’m a No-Count/Teenage Shutdown)
The Gentlemen: It’s a Crying Shame (V/A: The Essential Pebbles Collection/AIP)
The Humane Society: Knock Knock (V/A: Pebbles Vol. 8/AIP)
The Buddies: Pulsebeat (V/A: Dancehall Stringbusters!/Sundazed)
The Rare Breed: Beg, Borrow, and Steal (V/A: Nuggets Box/Rhino)
The Highlights: Ah-So! (V/A: Jungle Exotica/Strip)
The Easybeats: She’s So Fine (Easy/Albert/Repertoire)
Los Walkers: 19,8 (V/A: Mas Rock and Roll/Electro Harmonix)
Bunker Hill: The Girl Can’t Dance (V/A: Lookey Dookey/Rhythm & Blooz)
The Thunder Bolts: The Fisherman (V/A: Cry of Atlantis/Bacchus Archives)
The Del-Vetts: Ram Charger (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar II/Sundazed)
The Trashmen: Bird ’65 (Bird Call! Box/Sundazed)
The Surfaris: Boss Barracuda (Wipe Out! The Best of…/Varese Sarabande)
The Original Safaris: Bombora (V/A: Surf Monsters/Del-Fi)
Pagans: Little Black Egg (Shit Street/Crypt)
Eddie and the Hot Rods: Show Me (Teenage Depression/Edsel)
The Stooges: Real Cool Time (Stooges/Elektra)
Dave Meyers and The Surf-Tones: Moment of Truth (Moment of Truth – The Best of…/Del Fi)
The Geargrinders: Maggots (Demo/no label)
The Mono Men: Watch Outside/Your Eyes (Wrecker!/Estrus)
Man Or Astro-Man?: Destination Venus (Destroy All Astro-Men!!/Estrus)
Satan’s Cheerleaders: Outer Limits (Infinity/SFTRI)
The Trashwomen: Peter Gunn (Spend the Night With…/Estrus Records)
The Space Cossacks: The Space Victory Theme (Never Mind The Bolsheviks – The Best Of…/MuSick)
Love: 7 and 7 Is (V/A: Nuggets Box/Rhino)
Love: She Comes in Colors (Da Capo/Elektra)
Love: Bummer in the Summer (Forever Changes/Elektra)
The Sons of Adam: Feathered Fish (V/A: Fuzz, Flaykes & Shakes Vol. 6/Bacchus Archives)
The Barracudas: Little Red Book (This Ain’t My Time – Anthology ’79-’90/Castle)
The Hentchmen: Rat Bones (Motorvatin’/Norton)
The Hentchmen: Mush Mouth Millie (Campus Party/Norton)
MC5: Looking At You (Back in The USA/Sundazed)
Epsilons: Red Hat (Epsilons/Retard Disco)
We the People: My Brother the Man (Mirror of Our Minds/Sundazed)
The Dammit Boys: They (Before Dawn/no label)
Blank Its: I’m OK (Happy Accidents/Empty)
Country Teasers: Hitlers and Churchills (The Empire Strikes Back/In the Red)

Episode #556

Playlist for July 31, 2006

The Gears: Don’t Be Afraid to Pogo (Rockin’ at Ground Zero/Bacchus Archives)
The Trashmen: Stick Shift (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar II/Sundazed)
Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers: Let Go (L.A.M.F./Track)
The Kids: Bloody Belgium (The Kids/Alora)
The Dirtys: Midnight ‘Til Noon (You Should Be Sinnin’/Crypt)
Gun Club: Like Calling Up Thunder (Miami/SFTRI)
DMZ: Can’t Stand The Pain (When I Get Off/Voxx)
The Krontjong Devils: Morpheus (On Tour/Telstar)
The Beat Merchants: She Said Yeh (The Beats Go On/Circle)
Terry Randall: S.O.S. (V/A: Pebbles, Vol. 8/AIP)
The Upsetters: The Strip (V/A: Las Vegas Grind Pt. 1/Strip)
The Youngsters: Zebra (V/A: Jungle Exotica/Strip)
Jerry “Boogie” McCain: Geronimo Rock & Roll (The Jig’s Up/JMC)
Los Kahunas: Costa de la Muerte (Waves of Reverb, Sea of Fuzz/Split w/ The Invisible Surfers/No Fun)
The Leather Uppers: Say it in French (Bright Lights/Goner)
Bantam Rooster: She’ll Be My Death (Deal Me In/Crypt)
Dead Vampires: Come Out And Play (V/A: The Funhouse Comp Thing/MyFatAss Productions)
SSM: You’re Next (SSM/Alive)
The Quotes: Mass Produced (7″/Stardumb)
Jay Bee and The Kats: Tension (V/A: Dancehall Stringbusters/Sundazed)
The Pilgrimage: Bad Apple (V/A: Things Been Bad/Teenage Shutdown)
The Starfires: I Never Loved Her (V/A: Essential Pebbles Vol. I/AIP)
Johnny Kidd and The Pirates: I Want That (The Johnny Kidd Memorial Album/Beat Goes On)
Miki Dallon: I’m Gonna Find a Cave (That’s Alright/RPM)
The Remains: Hang on Sloopy (A Session With The Remains/Sundazed)
David Marks and The Marksmen: The Sheriff of Noddingham (V/A: Lost Legends of Surf Guitar II/Sundazed)
The Buffets: Archive From 1959 (Saucy Jack/Damaged Goods)
The Buff Medways: Don’t Hold Me Back (This Is This/Vinyl Japan)
Thee Headcoatees: Melvin (Girlsville/Damaged Goods)
The Delmonas: Dr. Goldfoot & His Bikini Machine (Delmonas 5/Hangman)
Thee Headcoats: Rusty Hook (Heavens To Murgatroyd Even! It’s Thee Headcoats [Already]/Sub Pop)
The Hypnomen: Dubrovnik (City of Love)/Watusi 99/MuSick)
Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue: Creepin’ Shakes (Heavy Dirt/In the Red)
Black Lips: Not a Problem (Let it Bloom/In the Red)
Fuzz Faces: Action Speaks Louder Than Words (V/A: Fuzztones Illegitimate Spawn/Sin)
The Booby Traps: Fool for You (The Booby Traps/Off the Hip)
Demolition Doll Rods: Lil’ Piece of Leather (There Is a Difference/Swami)
The Avengers VI: Slaughter On 10th Ave. (Real Cool Hits/Bacchus Archives)
Purple Wizard: BBQ (7″/Show and Tell)
The Husbands: Cut Me Loose (There’s Nothing I’d Like More Than to See You Dead/Swami)
The King Khan and BBQ Show: Take Me Back (The King Khan and BBQ Show/Goner)
The Gentleman Callers: Treat Me So Bad (Don’t Say What it Is/Wee Rock)
The Greenhornes: So Cold (Gun for You/Prince)
The Crossfires: When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again (V/A: Elemental Instrumentals/Ace)
Eddie and the Hot Rods: Teenage Depression (Teenage Depression/Edsel)
Bassholes: 98 in the Shade (Broke Chamber Music/Secret Keeper)
The Feelers: Get Out (Learn to Hate The Feelers/Dead Beat)

Episode #555

Playlist for July 24, 2006

Baby Woodrose: What Ya Gonna Do? (Love Comes Down/Spinello/Playground)
The Hypnotic IV: Dirty Bird Stomp (Go Baby Go!/Hypno-Tone)
The Defectors: Pretty Baby (Give In And Creep Out With…/No Fun)
Thee Headcoats: A Town Named Squaresville (The Kids Are All Square/Damaged Goods)
The Savages: The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square (V/A: The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square!/Teenage Shutdown)
The Castaways: Liar, Liar (V/A: Nuggets box/Rhino)
The Outsiders: Touch (The Outsiders/Pseudonym)
Al Casey: Jezebel (V/A: Dancehall Stringbusters/Sundazed)
Larry & The Blue Notes: Night Of The Sadist (V/A: Fort Worth Teen Scene Vol. 1/Norton)
King Coleman: It’s Dance Time (It’s Dance Time!/Norton)
Chili Cold Blood: Lock Up The Whiskey (Rock’n’Roll Motherfucker Redux/Shake Your Ass)
The Space Cossacks: Bombora (Never Mind The Bolsheviks – The Best Of…/MuSick)
New York Dolls: Vietnamese Baby (Rock ‘n Roll/Mercury)
Chuck Berry: I’m Talking About You (The Chess Box/MCA)
Man or Astro-Man?: Test Driver (Experiment Zero/Touch & Go)
The Cool Jerks: Memphis Blues Again (Cleaned a Lot of Plates in Memphis/SFTRI)
Compulsive Gamblers: Negative Jerk (Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing/SFTRI)
The Tornadoes: Moon Dawg (Beyond the Surf/The Best of…/Sundazed)
Bo Diddley: Doing the Crawdaddy (Bo Diddley Is a Gunslinger/Geffen)
Icky Renrut (Vocal Jimmy Thomas): Hey Hey (V/A: East St. Louis – The Stevens Sessions/Sequel)
The Milkshakes: Brand New Cadillac (19th Nervous Shakedown/Big Beat)
George Jacks: Rebel Woman (V/A: The Midnite Sound of the Milky Way/Big Beat)
The Vibrators: Baby Baby (Pure Mania/Columbia)
Link Wray and His Ray Men: Mustang (The Swan Demos ’64/Sundazed)
Roky Erickson and The Aliens: I Think of Demons (The Evil One [Plus One]/SFTRI)
The Ugly Beats: I’ll Walk Away (Bring on the Beats!/Get Hip)
Mondo Topless: Louise (Take it Slow/Get Hip)
The Goldstars: Fire (Purple Girlfriend/Pravda)
The Progressives: Man of Mystery (V/A: Lost Legends of the Surf Guitar III/Sundazed)
Rezillos: Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight (Can’t Stand The Rezillos/Sire)
Richard Hell and The Voidoids: Blank Generation (Blank Generation/Sire)
The Peelers: Astronaut (Let’s Detonate/Beercan)
SSM: Ain’t Love (SSM/Alive)
The Hypnomen: Satan at the Wheel (Watusi 99/MuSick)
M.O.T.O.: I Am a Bomb (Kill M.O.T.O./Criminal IQ)
LiveFastDie: Amputated (Bandana Thrash Record/Dead Beat)
Blank Its: Mommy’s Dead (Happy Accidents/Empty)
Velvet Underground & Nico: Run Run Run (Andy Warhol/Polydor)
The Four Slicks: Lulabelle (Rhythm & Booze/Slick)
The Stage-Men: Fall Out (V/A: Elemental Instrumentals!!/Ace)
Epsilons: Fever To Kill (Epsilons/Retard Disco)
Jawbone: Chug a Lug (Hauling/no label)
R.T. and The Pot Lickers: Stinky Pig Feet (V/A: Whip it on ‘Em/Candy)
New Salem Witch Hunters: Government Acid (New Salem Witch Hunters/Get Hip)
Camaro Rouge: Blowin’ Your Top (Got a Crane in My Head/Demolition Derby)
Los Kahunas: Riding With Davie (Waves of Reverb, Sea of Fuzz/Split w/ The Invisible Surfers/No Fun)