Episodes of my old podcasts wanted!

I’m hoping someone out there might have some copies of my old podcasts stored away on an iPod, CD-R, or old hard disc backup. I’m specifically looking for any and all episodes of Primordial Ooze, Savage Kick, and the TIRC Podcast. The websites where these episodes were posted either no longer host audio files/podcasts (Blip.tv) or even exist (Mevio.com). And unfortunately I made no backups myself (yeah, pretty stupid, I know). So if you or someone you know happens to have any of these shows archived somewhere, please get in touch with me at kopper65 (at) gmail (dot) com. I would simply like to have these podcasts to archive them here on this site along with the other podcasts and radio shows I’ve been able to save.


TIRC Podcast #4


Kentucky Knife Fight – Live in St. Louis, MO (October 25, 2008)

This one comes courtesy of Bill Streeter of Lo-Fi Saint Louis! The band featured on this episode of the TIRC Podcast is Kentucky Knife Fight, captured live at the band’s CD Release Party at Off Broadway in South St. Louis on 10/25/08. Enjoy!


TIRC Podcast #3


Episode #3 of the TIRC Podcast, the first one featuring new host, Jason Potter! Additional commentary from Kopper as well as lots of great music from bands like The Nevermores, The Rich Boys, Kentucky Knife Fight, The 75s, The Vultures, and lots more.Playlist:The Nevermores – Blue DiamondThe Rich Boys – Rock N Roll ManKentucky Knife Fight – Herschel WalkerBitch Slap Barbie – You Never Shut UpThe 75s – Finders KeepersThe Hail Marys – I’ll Be OkayThe Vultures – ObsoleteThe Dammit Boys – TheyThe Detroit Cobras – Baby Let me Hold Your HandThe Willowz – Dead EarsDan Sartain – The Second ComingLeft Arm – Human BombThe Cripplers – Don’t UnderstandDOWNLOAD MP3 | SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST

TIRC Podcast #2


Here’s episode #2 of the TIRC Podcast. This one was produced by Yours Truly (the Unnamed Youth) and hosted by Ralph. Features music from The Demolition Doll Rods (coming to town on Oct. 20th @ Lemmons); new stuff from Long John Thomas & The Duffs, The Vickroids, The Vultures, Casey Reid, That’s My Daughter, Left Arm, the Kings of Pop, the Dammit Boys, and The Reebs; a cut from The Cripplers that is only available for purchase via the TIRC Store; a couple cool live cuts from Thee Lordly Serpents and The Gentleman Callers; an obscure cut by My Two Moms; and some lost classics by Ultraman, The Foolish Virgins, Ded Bugs, The Screamin’ Mee-Mees, Space Age Palmer, The Phonocaptors, and Little Aaron. Enjoy!


Long John Thomas & The Duffs – Slow Down (Live)
Long John Thomas & The Duffs – Excuse Me Baby
Left Arm – Forget the Rock (Let’s Roll)
The Vickroids – Friday Night
Ultraman – Rector Breath (7″ version)
The Foolish Virgins – Memories
Ded Bugs – Your Stupid Hair
The Reebs – Take Off Your Underpants
The Kings of Pop – Athletic Club
The Cripplers – I Don’t Mess Around
My Two Moms – Bonerkiller
The Screamin’ Mee-Mees – Struckout
That’s My Daughter – Meathook
The Vultures – Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me
The Vultures – Keep-A-Knockin’
Casey Reid – Rock City
Space Age Palmer – Little Colleen
Little Aaron – East St. Louis
The Phonocaptors – PLT
Thee Lordly Serpents – LSD (Live)
The Gentleman Callers – Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (Live)
The Dammit Boys – They


TIRC Podcast #1


The TIRC Podcast is a show for and about wild rock’n’roll action happening in and around River City, USA (St. Louis, MO). Garage, punk, and primitive rock’n’roll and lowbrow culture.


Demolition Doll Rods – Rock it Up (TLA/Matador – 1999)
Demolition Doll Rods – Born Wild (On/Swami – 2004)
Demolition Doll Rods – Take You Home (There Is a Difference/Swami – 2006)
The Nevermores – Make it Happen (Live at KDHX/no label)
Thee Fine Lines – You’re For Me/Looking Everywhere (Looking Everywhere 7″/Licorice Tree)
The Trip Daddys – Dirty Girl (Made Me Do It… Live!/no label)
Sex Robots – Take Me Out Dancin’ (Sex Robots/Roadhouse Tunes)
The Gentleman Callers – Hey Little Girl (Don’t Say What It Is/Wee Rock)
Long John Thomas & The Duffs – Shake Shake Little Gwendolyn (Presenting…/Wormtone)
Tomorrow’s Caveman – Try Some of This (V/A: The Whole Lotta Shakin’ Comp-Pile-Ation/Garage-Pop)
The Geargrinders – Maggots/Weather (cassette demo/no label)
The Cripplers – Feel I’m Gonna Explode! (2005 Tronic Sessions demo/no label)
The Downcasts – A Little Action (Live at KDHX)
Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos – Waltz of the Ratfinks/Fink Rod 409 (The Rat Fink Collection/One Way)
The Sadies – The Side Track (Tales of the Rat Fink Soundtrack/Yep Roc)
Mondo Topless – Beer (Take it Slow/Get Hip)
The Riverboat Gamblers – Cut-Cut-Cut-Cut (Something to Crow About/Gearhead)