Gateway Corkball Club Photos

These photos are from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch site, photographed by J.B. Forbes sometime last summer. Some of these are really nice photos and I wanted to make sure thy were linked from here. Click the link below and then “View Slideshow”:…

Caption reads:

Corkball is a St. Louis tradition that dates back to about 1900. The original balls were carved from cork stoppers used in beer barrels. The bat was a broken-off broom handle. The game has evolved a little. The ball looks like a baseball and the bat is now a bat, but both are significantly smaller.



Darrin & KopperOriginally uploaded by KopperI was going through some of my mom & dad’s old photo albums at my sister’s house yesterday and came across some good ones that I’ll be adding to my Flickr account soon. Here’s one I don’t ever remember seeing before… it’s my friend Darrin Lowery and I taken in the driveway at my parents’ house in St. Peters. This would’ve been the week of Spring Break, 1988. Darrin and I were pals at CMSU in Warrensburg, it was my senior year, and since he had nothing going on (I didn’t either, really) and didn’t have any money to go anywhere fun, we just decided to spend the week wreaking havoc in St. Louis. While there, we got pulled over by the cops once for speeding (we weren’t speeding and we ended up not getting a ticket) and we even had cops in a completely separate incident pull guns on us and do one of those classic “get out of the car with your hands up, turn around and put your hands on the car!” scenarios where we had to get frisked and almost got our asses thrown in jail… for what, you ask? Spinning my wheels as we pulled into a gravel parking lot on Euclid in the Central West End. See what happens when you bring a black friend home with you for spring break?

TIRC Group Photo Pool on Flickr

Hey, just a quick post to let you all know that there’s a new TIRC group photo pool on Flickr. If you have any rockin’ photos you’d like to share (live show pics, band photos, flyers, etc.), then please go ahead and join the group, upload your pics, then use the “send to group” option to add them to the group photo pool. Joining Flickr is free, by the way…Once we get a good selection of shared photos on there, I’ll add a Flickr badge to the sidebar of the blog.