Episodes of my old podcasts wanted!

I’m hoping someone out there might have some copies of my old podcasts stored away on an iPod, CD-R, or old hard disc backup. I’m specifically looking for any and all episodes of Primordial Ooze, Savage Kick, and the TIRC Podcast. The websites where these episodes were posted either no longer host audio files/podcasts (Blip.tv) or even exist (Mevio.com). And unfortunately I made no backups myself (yeah, pretty stupid, I know). So if you or someone you know happens to have any of these shows archived somewhere, please get in touch with me at kopper65 (at) gmail (dot) com. I would simply like to have these podcasts to archive them here on this site along with the other podcasts and radio shows I’ve been able to save.


GaragePunk.com Has Been Sold


Yesterday I sold GaragePunk.com to a guy named Damos from Connecticut. The sale includes the GaragePunk.com domain name, the GaragePunk Hideout (powered by Social Engine), and the GaragePunk Hideout Comp Series that were released under GRGPNK Records. The comps were included so that he could continue to use them to help pay for the hosting costs of the site. I wish him well with the site, but at the same time I am very relieved to be rid of this monkey on my back.

I originally set up GaragePunk.com back in June of 2001 as an online home for my KDHX radio show, The Wayback Machine. A short time later I set up a discussion forum there and the site quickly took on a new meaning or purpose; one that was for promoting wild and primitive garage/punk/rock’n’roll more than it was for promoting my own radio show. The GaragePunk Forums were a very successful and rather popular online forum for several years in the mid-2000s, but once MySpace entered the picture, traffic came almost to a complete hault, and I had a really difficult time bringing people to the site on a regular basis and growing the user base, even with the popularity and success of GaragePunk Pirate Radio (a.k.a. the GaragePunk Podcast Network).

Not included with the sale of the site is the GaragePunk Pirate Radio podcast network, which will continue on indefinitely at GaragePunkPirateRadio.com. This part of running the old site I still enjoy, so I wasn’t quite ready to do away with it or part with it just yet.

The Hideout, though, had been a big thorn in my side for the past few years and I am quite glad to be rid of it once and for all. In the age of social networking, it just became impossible to compete against the Facebooks and Twitters of the Internet.

I’m looking forward to using the money I got from the sale of the site to buy myself a new computer and start another podcast sometime soon. Stay tuned.

City PD

Out now on TIRC Records:

“City PD” is a peaceful protest to the crosshairs that white suburbia has aimed at “disparate” people. These people are deemed dangerous because of their race, color, creed, gender and/or socioeconomic standing. When law enforcement becomes a button pusher for the people of power, then anyone who doesn’t match the profile is a target. We, the “disparate,” must be unified in voice to stop the senseless violence on our peers.

What happened to Michael Brown is not a lone incident. We are angry, we are sad, and we are amalgamated. “City PD” is a reaction to the rich history of police brutality in the United States of America. If simply existing makes someone a target, then there is no justice anywhere.

This song is dedicated to Michael Brown and all proceeds from “City PD” will go to the Michael Brown Jr. Memorial Fund. CLICK HERE TO BUY/DOWNLOAD.

Artwork donated by Ray Lego @ RayLego.com

Catalog number: TIRC-012

Noise Annoys dropped by Real Punk Radio

Have some bad news to report regarding my Noise Annoys podcast. Real Punk Radio recently went through a shakeup of sorts that included a few days of real confusion if the station would even remain on the (virtual) air. No one seemed to know exactly what was going on and no effort was made on the part of Jason or Heather to contact me about how this would affect the future of Noise Annoys or the station or anything. Nothing. It wasn’t until I emailed them this morning that I found out—in a reply from Jason—that they “are no longer running any pre-recorded shows just doing live shows for fun when ever we have time. so that is why we took down the site and all just have no time.”

Obviously they didn’t have time to even email their show hosts to let them know what was going on. Unbelievable. I mean, I realize this is a “punk rock” online station, but you’d think they could have handled this a little more professionally.

So it appears that Noise Annoys will continue only as a podcast from here on out. But first, I’m going to take a break from this to work on the Hideout Comp Series and some other stuff.

Locking Up the GaragePunk Forums

Today I’ll be closing down the GaragePunk Forums message board to new posts. The forums have been dying a slow death over the past several months, anyway, as more and more people seem to be making their way over to the GaragePunk Hideout that was launched last summer. Obviously, many of the people still hanging out in the Forums have been pretty negative about the Hideout (for reasons I still don’t quite comprehend, but then again you can’t please everybody), so it’s really pointless to keep it open if most of what’s getting posted there isn’t of any substantial value to anyone, anyway. So those people that have been bitching and complaining about the Hideout can either join us, or find another forum to visit. I’m tired of the whiners.

Taking a Break

I’m taking a break from the whole TIRC Productions show-promotion/booking thing. Why? Well, I feel like Bill Streeter and I really busted our asses to promote the Show-Me Blowout, only to have it not meet our expectations. I don’t mean that in terms of the quality of the performances of each band (they were all fantastic, as expected), but due to the very poor attendance both nights at Off Broadway (not even close to what I was shooting for, as a matter of fact). There were also dozens of people that I fully expected to see there (some of them from actually TELLING me they’d be there) who, for whatever reason, decided not to come either night (or show up at the free barbecue at Apop, for that matter). I don’t mind working hard to promote things that people enjoy and/or support, but when you work hard to promote something only to have it fail time and time again (and lose money doing it), it just starts to lose its appeal. It’s just not fun anymore. So I’m tired of it, tired of the disappointments, and am simply going to take a break. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see me promoting (or showing up at) any shows for a while. I just need some time away from music promotion and the whole local music scene in general. Whether or not this break becomes permanent or not is yet to be decided, but no matter how much I try to remain positive about the rock’n’roll scene in St. Louis, I keep getting reminded of how much it really sucks ass. Those two nights at Off Broadway were big, daunting, humiliating reminders of this for me.So the big question remains: Will there be a Show-Me Blowout 2? Don’t hold your breath.

Thanks (and please order a T-shirt)!


Well, I’m happy to say that the Show-Me Blowout seemed to be a nice success. The bands were all fantastic and there were really very few complaints or problems, especially on Saturday night when some of the timing issues were corrected from the previous night. Unfortunately, the attendance for the two nights combined didn’t even reach 200 people, with the second night falling far short of expectations. This despite good press both in print and online and plenty of promotion. Still, a fun show, and Craig Moore really ripped it up on stage with The Nevermores and The Geargrinders on their covers of two classic ’60s garage punkers, “Doin’ Me In” and “Blackout of Gretely,” respectively. The Saturday afternoon BBQ Bash at Apop Records also went off without a hitch, and all four bands were great there as well. Lots of people enjoyed a keg of Schlafly Winter ESB (they were already out of the Oktoberfest), damned fine burgers and some of the largest, juiciest hot dogs the world has ever seen, all prepared perfectly on the grill by Bill Streeter of Lo-Fi Saint Louis. Were you there? Then please post your thoughts on how the whole thing shook down on the TIRC-STL google group.

That said, because of the lackluster turnout, I have a huge overstock of Blowout T-shirts available that I’m “blowing out” for just $8 plus postage. This basically means I’m making just over a buck on each shirt. Hopefully I’ll sell enough of these to break even, but somehow I doubt it. Oh, and I don’t care if you were there or not. I’ll sell a T-shirt to anybody, anywhere, anytime. Just send your money in via PayPal using the button below (and don’t forget to indicate your shirt size and include your snailmail address). Thanks!


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Share your photos of the event here!

Show-Me Blowout!


TIRC Productions is proud to present… THE SHOW-ME BLOWOUT!

2-Day All-Missouri Garage/Surf/Rock’n’Roll Fest at Off Broadway

Friday Oct. 12th & Saturday Oct. 13th, 2007

FRIDAY NIGHT (Doors: 7 p.m./Show: 8 p.m.) at Off Broadway:

The Cripplers (St. Louis)
Pink Socks (Kansas City)
The Rich Boys (Kansas City)
The Modern Primitives (Joplin)
Left Arm (St. Louis)

SATURDAY AFTERNOON (1 p.m. ’til 5 p.m.)
FREE!! BBQ at Apop Records featuring these great St. Louis rock’n’roll bands:

The Vultures
The 75s
The Vickroids
The Mad Titans

SATURDAY NIGHT (Doors: 7 p.m./Show: 8 p.m.) at Off Broadway:

The Geargrinders (St. Louis)*
Thee Fine Lines (Springfield)
The Von Hodads (Kansas City)
Monte Carlos (Columbia)
The Nevermores (St. Louis)*

*Craig Moore from legendary Keokuk, Iowa ’60s garage rockers GONN will be there Saturday night and will be joining both The Nevermores and The Geargrinders on stage for a couple covers, including the classic “Blackout of Gretely” that was included on the Nuggets box set! Don’t miss it!!

Tickets are on sale on TicketWeb.com: CLICK HERE to purchase. $15 in advance for a two-day pass that’ll guarantee you entrance both nights (also gives you the option of paying by credit card, which you obviously can’t do at the door). Otherwise tickets at the door will be $10 each night. BOTH SHOWS ARE 18 & UP!!

Off Broadway
3509 Lemp Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63118

Apop Records
2831 Cherokee St.
St. Louis, MO 63118

We were able to get the Crowne Plaza Hotel downtown to give us a special rate of $89/room for the nights of October 12th and 13th. This is a savings of $20 off their regular room rate, so it’s a good deal, if not still a bit pricey (but hey, it’s a really nice hotel, too). But the big advantages of staying here is A) you’re close to downtown (lots to see), and B) you’re only 3.5 miles (less than 10 minutes) from Off Broadway. Just make sure you mention the Show-Me Blowout when calling in your reservation: (314) 621-8200

Now, if $89/night is still too much, we can also recommend the nearest Motel 6 at 6500 S. Lindbergh Blvd. in South St. Louis County, but that’s considerably farther (9.4 miles to the venue) and isn’t really close to anything interesting, other than maybe Grant’s Farm. The normal single room rate here is just $51.99/night. They weren’t able to get us any kind of special rate, though, sorry. (314) 892-3664

Another thing you can do is to go to and for a zip code type in St. Louis and then, after you search for hotels, look for the “name your price” link under “More Ways to Save” on the right side. Click that link, then on the next screen choose Downtown St. Louis, then either 3-Star or 2 1/2-Star Moderate-Plus. Then just put in $50 or $60 in the “Name Your Own Price” box and see what happens. You may end up at the Raddison, Ballpark Hilton, or the Sheraton. All nice hotels and downtown, which is cool, and within a few miles of the venue. Good luck.

TIRC Productions