Blowout Update

Show-Me Blowout Update: The Honkeys have canceled. Jeff Positive got offered a gig to tour with a Thrill Jockey Records band in the UK the first half of October. Can’t say that I blame him, really, because it’s a great opportunity. I have to admit this bums me out a bit (this jockey isn’t the least bit thrilled, in other words), not only because I thought they really deserved to be on this bill (and would have good pull), but because I was away on vacation and missed their show at the RnR Prom and was just looking forward to seeing them perform again. Oh well, shit happens. So that means I’ll have to fill that void with another band. I have a few in mind, so I’ll let you know when everything’s confirmed and the updated lineup is ready to post.The Mad Titans will be replacing Thee Hypnic Jerks at the Apop shindig Saturday afternoon.

Show-Me Blowout!


TIRC Productions is proud to present… THE SHOW-ME BLOWOUT!

2-Day All-Missouri Garage/Surf/Rock’n’Roll Fest at Off Broadway

Friday Oct. 12th & Saturday Oct. 13th, 2007

FRIDAY NIGHT (Doors: 7 p.m./Show: 8 p.m.) at Off Broadway:

The Cripplers (St. Louis)
Pink Socks (Kansas City)
The Rich Boys (Kansas City)
The Modern Primitives (Joplin)
Left Arm (St. Louis)

SATURDAY AFTERNOON (1 p.m. ’til 5 p.m.)
FREE!! BBQ at Apop Records featuring these great St. Louis rock’n’roll bands:

The Vultures
The 75s
The Vickroids
The Mad Titans

SATURDAY NIGHT (Doors: 7 p.m./Show: 8 p.m.) at Off Broadway:

The Geargrinders (St. Louis)*
Thee Fine Lines (Springfield)
The Von Hodads (Kansas City)
Monte Carlos (Columbia)
The Nevermores (St. Louis)*

*Craig Moore from legendary Keokuk, Iowa ’60s garage rockers GONN will be there Saturday night and will be joining both The Nevermores and The Geargrinders on stage for a couple covers, including the classic “Blackout of Gretely” that was included on the Nuggets box set! Don’t miss it!!

Tickets are on sale on CLICK HERE to purchase. $15 in advance for a two-day pass that’ll guarantee you entrance both nights (also gives you the option of paying by credit card, which you obviously can’t do at the door). Otherwise tickets at the door will be $10 each night. BOTH SHOWS ARE 18 & UP!!

Off Broadway
3509 Lemp Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63118

Apop Records
2831 Cherokee St.
St. Louis, MO 63118

We were able to get the Crowne Plaza Hotel downtown to give us a special rate of $89/room for the nights of October 12th and 13th. This is a savings of $20 off their regular room rate, so it’s a good deal, if not still a bit pricey (but hey, it’s a really nice hotel, too). But the big advantages of staying here is A) you’re close to downtown (lots to see), and B) you’re only 3.5 miles (less than 10 minutes) from Off Broadway. Just make sure you mention the Show-Me Blowout when calling in your reservation: (314) 621-8200

Now, if $89/night is still too much, we can also recommend the nearest Motel 6 at 6500 S. Lindbergh Blvd. in South St. Louis County, but that’s considerably farther (9.4 miles to the venue) and isn’t really close to anything interesting, other than maybe Grant’s Farm. The normal single room rate here is just $51.99/night. They weren’t able to get us any kind of special rate, though, sorry. (314) 892-3664

Another thing you can do is to go to and for a zip code type in St. Louis and then, after you search for hotels, look for the “name your price” link under “More Ways to Save” on the right side. Click that link, then on the next screen choose Downtown St. Louis, then either 3-Star or 2 1/2-Star Moderate-Plus. Then just put in $50 or $60 in the “Name Your Own Price” box and see what happens. You may end up at the Raddison, Ballpark Hilton, or the Sheraton. All nice hotels and downtown, which is cool, and within a few miles of the venue. Good luck.

TIRC Productions

Question Mark Benefit Update

Well I just got a call from Question Mark’s booking agent, and Q is pretty much going through a mental breakdown right now because of all of this. It’s a really long, convoluted story, and he has a history of mental instability anyway (if you don’t know his complete story, read up on him on Wikipedia… he truly believes he is from Mars).

One of his three remaining Yorkies, which had suffered a collapsed lung due to smoke inhalation from the fire, died yesterday because he over-medicated it.

On top of that, his manager is on parole (that’s another long story) and isn’t allowed to A) leave the state (which is why they haven’t toured in over a year) and B) isn’t allowed to be inside a place that serves alcohol ANYWHERE.

Q refuses to play a show that LuVern (his manager) doesn’t introduce him on stage. Marla, the booking agent, is trying to talk to his parole officer into letting LuVern (who also is the only one capable of driving their huge tour bus) bring the band to St. Louis, but she has obvious doubts that he’s going to let this happen.

This is all news to me that has come to my attention over the past 16 hours or so. So as of right now the show is on hold. Worse case scenario, if ? and The Mysterians don’t end up playing, we can still hold the benefit, but just charge less, have an extra band, and then send them whatever money we raise, which was my original plan, anyway. I didn’t even ask if the Mysterians could come play it, that was offered to me by the booking agent, IF we could pay for their travel expenses to get here.

Ay yi yi…