Devil Born Without Horns


I’ve been riding the bus to work lately, which has given me some extra time to do some reading. I just finished a great book that I thought I’d recommend to any pulp/crime fans out there called Devil Born Without Horns. I was really surprised at just how good it actually was… especially for anyone who’s ever had a dead-end job in retail or warehousing (or, even more specifically, the furniture business). I used to be a warehouse manager at a CompUSA store many years ago, and believe me, the author is spot-fucking-ON when it comes to accurately detailing the dysfunctional nature of warehousing and delivery, not to mention just how fucking annoying salespeople and bosses can be. The author, by the way, is Michael Lucas (who has a had a fairly active history of being in some pretty cool bands, such as the Phantom Surfers, Wild Breed, the Pussy Hounds, Poontang Wranglers, the Knights of the New Crusade, and the guy behind Repent Records) and the book is published by his new publishing company, Rudos and Rubes Publishing. I’d give it a big fat thumbs up, or probably about 4 out of 5 stars. Seriously, it was that good.Oh, by the way, he also just published a book of short stories by Johnny Strike (of SF punk pioneers Crime) called A Loud Humming Sound Came From Above, and I started reading that one this morning. So far, so good. There’s info on that one on the Rudos and Rubes site, too.